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update to current state of development, pulling i18n-related information over from WikiTicketCalendarMacro's wiki page


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     76=== About i18n/l10n support ===
     78These macros are prepared for localization (tooltip customization in calendar navigation and localized macro description).
     80But English message texts are still the (POSIX) default. If this isn't your preferred language, you can
     81 1. look, if it's already available from the [TracPluginTranslation Trac plugin l10n project] at [ Transifex] or
     82 2. do it yourself (see the [t:wiki:CookBook/PluginL10N#Dotranslatorswork l10n cookbook page for Trac plugins] for more details).
     84You've done a new translation? Superb! Contributing your translation is highly appreciated.[[BR]]
     85You could send it to the plugin's maintainer or contribute to [TracPluginTranslation Trac plugin l10n project]
     86via [ Transifex]:
     88Top translations: Trac_Plugin-L10N » [ wikicalendar-messages]
     89 [[Image(, title=Go to Trac_Plugin-L10N project page on, link=]]
     91Kindly provided by [[Image(, link=, title=the open translation platform, valign=bottom)]]
     93Preparing the plugin from source requires '''no additional steps''' for compiling message catalog files. Only to include translations marked as `# fuzzy` by the translator, you'll want to do a manual message catalog compilation with the extra `-f` argument before packaging:
     95cd wikicalendarmacro/
     96python ./ compile_catalog -f
     97python ./ bdist_egg
     100Complaints about missing `locale` directory are often a side-effect of failure to compile any message catalog for inclusion into Python egg, hence the whole path is missing. Due to a known Trac issue, Babel has to be installed prior to Trac, to get it all working as expected.
     102Again, for more details see the [t:wiki:CookBook/PluginL10N#Compileanduseit l10n cookbook page for Trac plugins].
    76104== Recent Changes ==