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Trac Wiki Editor 4 Eclipse

  1. Description
    1. Implemented Features:
    2. Future development:
  2. Installation
    1. Server
    2. Client
  3. Screenshots
  4. Bugs/Feature Requests
  5. Building from Source
  6. Running Tests
  7. Recent Changes
  9. Author/Contributors


!WikiEditor4Eclipse is a new plug-in providing Trac Wiki editing capabilities to Eclipse IDE.

Implemented Features:

  • Trac Wiki Servers explorer
  • Eclipse Wiki Editor: currently, it borrows the editor from the original EclipseTracPlugin plugin.
  • Wiki Page management: Creation, edition and page deletion.
  • Concurrent edition management:
    • Prevents overwriting other users changes when a concurrent edit happens.
    • Helps merge contents when a concurrent edit happens.

Future development:


!WikiEditor4Eclipse features a Wiki Editor as an Eclipse plugin that communicates with Trac wiki server through the XmlRpcPlugin. It requires the following software to be installed:


  • [download:eclipsetracplugin/tracrpcext/0.10 TracRpcExt] (optional): !WikiEditor4Eclipse reuses TracRpcExt plugin from EclipseTracPlugin to provide a page history view. This dependency is optional as the editor can work without it, but if its not installed and enabled you will miss page history functionality.



  • Wiki Editor Perspective:


  • Merging conflicting changes


Bugs/Feature Requests

You can help improving the wiki editor. If you find something annoying, something wrong or something missing you may want to file a new ticket.

You can also search for existing bugs and feature requests in !WikiEditor4Eclipse are here.

Building from Source

This plugin is composed by:

  • Java !WikiRPC client library: including a high level API to access the WikiRPCInterface and a batch of automated tests to test default implementation against a Trac server (see Running Tests below).
  • Set of Eclipse plugins: Eclipse wiki source editor and management capabilities.


You can check out !WikiEditor4Eclipse from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.

In order to build !WikiEditor4Eclipse you will need the following software:

  • Subversion client
  • Java JDK >= 1.5
  • Tycho maven plugin (tested with version 0.3.0-DEV-1819)
  • Eclipse SDK >= 3.2 (tested with version 3.4.2)

You can build the plugin running the following commands on the command line:

svn co WikiEditor4Eclipse
cd WikiEditor4Eclipse
/opt/tycho-distribution-0.3.0-DEV-1819/bin/mvn \
 -Dtycho.targetPlatform=/opt/eclipse/eclipse-SDK-3.4.2 \
 clean install -Dmaven.test.skip


[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Reactor Summary:
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Trac WikiEditor 4 Eclipse ............................. SUCCESS [26.864s]
[INFO] Trac WikiEditor 4 Eclipse ~ Core ...................... SUCCESS [1:05.127s]
[INFO] Trac WikiEditor 4 Eclipse ~ Eclipse Modules ........... SUCCESS [1.083s]
[INFO] Trac WikiEditor 4 Eclipse ~ org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.core  SUCCESS [47.909s]
[INFO] Trac WikiEditor 4 Eclipse ~ org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.plugin  SUCCESS [13.284s]
[INFO] Trac WikiEditor 4 Eclipse ~ org.trachacks.wikieditor.eclipse.feature  SUCCESS [2.595s]
[INFO] Trac WikiEditor 4 Eclipse ~  SUCCESS [8.048s]
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 2 minutes 57 seconds
[INFO] Finished at: Thu May 21 22:14:13 CEST 2009
[INFO] Final Memory: 29M/52M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

This will create a local eclipse update site at !WikiEditor4Eclipse/source/eclipse/ you can point Eclipse Update Manager to.

Running Tests

In order to run automated tests against a Trac server you will need to setup a local server. These are the prerequisites in order to run the test suit included in the core library:

  • Set up a test project on a local Trac server of hand. This Trac server must support BASIC authentication on the standard Trac url location.

  • Set up an user for that project with (at least) the following permissions:
    • XML_RPC

  • Set up another user with also the following permission:

Default username/password for these users are:

  • user/user

  • admin/admin

Default url for local Trac test project is:

  • http://localhost/trac/test

If you need to override settings configured at core/pom.xml, probably the best way is creating a new profile on the standard maven $HOME/.m2/settings.xml file. You can use the following snippet as base:


NOTE: some TestSuites need to be run in particular order but this is not guaranteed by unit testing technology used. This is something I would like to address at some point, as it is a potential test failure cause in some particular environments.

If after setting up testing prerequisites as mentioned in this guide, automated tests still fail to run in your particular environment you can open a ticket for support.

Happy Hacking!!

Recent Changes

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Current update-site is v_0.1.1.201501200837
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Current update-site is v_0.1.1.201501200837


If you would like to leave a comment or any feedback about this wiki editor just go ahead, this is a good place to do so:

  • <Comment>:


Author: ivangsa
Contributors: EclipseTracPlugin