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Wiki Goodies for Trac


This plugin extends the Trac Wiki in several ways:

  • Support for displaying smileys, as in MoinMoin, with a few exceptions (no flags, "priority" smileys are renamed {p1} instead of {1} in order to be compatible with report: shorthand links)
  • HTML 4.0 entities (named entities and numerical entities)
  • Automatic replacement of common text idioms by their corresponding symbols (e.g. arrows, fractions, etc.)
  • Simplified markup for single words: *this* /is/ _important_ becomes this is important
  • Replace <name@domain> with "mailto:" links (obfuscated if needed)
  • Replace
    ... UNC paths with "file:///" links

Each feature can be disabled individually if needed.

In particular, turning off the UNC paths transformation might be seen as a security measure. Here, the "file:" links are user-oriented and can't be embedded in a <img> or Javascript code, I don't really see what could be the risk, so I think it's OK to enable this feature. Firefox users can use the LocalLink plugin (install). Of course, if someone can demonstrate that this feature presents a security risk, I'll disable it by default in future releases.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for WikiGoodiesPlugin are here.

Known Issues

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If you have any new issue of feature request, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source:

Trac Version Zip
0.9.3 and above, 0.10 [download:wikigoodiesplugin/0.9]
0.11 [download:wikigoodiesplugin/0.11]


You can check out the source for WikiGoodiesPlugin from Subversion at


There are 3 new macros that can be used to conveniently display all the newly introduced markup.

Simply copy&paste the following wiki snippet somewhere into your Wiki (e.g. in WikiFormatting):

=== Additional Goodies ===
==== Smileys ====
==== Entities ====
==== Symbols ====

(the argument is the number of columns to be used in the displayed table)

For the entities, only the named ones are shown. For help on using the numerical entities, see for example those tips.

See Also

The EmoticonsPlugin also provides support for smileys, and is a little bit more lightweight than this plugin.


Author: cboos