Automatically add a Last Modified line at the end of each wiki page

Notice: This patch seems to be obsolete now, as at least Trac 0.12 already includes this functionality. (t:#8488)


By pasting this snipped at the right place of your site template, all your wiki pages will automatically have a "Last Modified" line added at the very end - without having it to activate manually on each page, as the LastModifiedMacro does. Of course this information will be appended to wiki pages only.

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Copy and paste the code from the example below.


This example shows how to add "Last Modified" information to your site.html file (see also: t:TracInterfaceCustomization). I left the "site-specific footer" code from the original site template in here to make clear at what place the "last modified" code should go. Of course, you may chose a different text (e.g. localized to your language).

    <!--! Wiki Footer (last_modified info) -->
    <div py:match="div[@id='content' and @class='wiki']" py:attrs="select('@*')">
      <div class="lastmodified">Last modified by ${format_author(}, ${format_datetime(page.time)} (${dateinfo(page.time)} ago)</div>


    <!--! Add site-specific footer -->
    <div id="sitefooter">
      <!--! Place your footer content here... -->

Some CSS definitions you may want to add to your style sheet:

div.lastmodified {
 font-size: 80%;
 text-align: center;


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Maintainer: izzy

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