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Automatically add a Last Modified line at the end of each wiki page


By pasting this snipped at the right place of your site template, all your wiki pages will automatically have a "Last Modified" line added at the very end - without having it to activate manually on each page, as the LastModifiedMacro does. Of course this information will be appended to wiki pages only.

This patch seems to be obsolete now, as at least Trac 0.12 already includes this functionality. (t:#8488)

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for WikiLastModifiedPatch are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Copy and paste the code from the example below.


This example shows how to add "Last Modified" information to your site.html file (see also: t:TracInterfaceCustomization). I left the "site-specific footer" code from the original site template in here to make clear at what place the "last modified" code should go. Of course, you may chose a different text (e.g. localized to your language).

    <!--! Wiki Footer (last_modified info) -->
    <div py:match="div[@id='content' and @class='wiki']" py:attrs="select('@*')">
      <div class="lastmodified">Last modified by ${format_author(}, ${format_datetime(page.time)} (${dateinfo(page.time)} ago)</div>


    <!--! Add site-specific footer -->
    <div id="sitefooter">
      <!--! Place your footer content here... -->

Some CSS definitions you may want to add to your style sheet:

div.lastmodified {
 font-size: 80%;
 text-align: center;


Author: izzy
Maintainer: izzy