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New hack WikiNotifyScript, created by athomas

A script to send E-Mail notification of changes to Wiki pages


The TracWikiNotifyScript extracts a list of E-Mail addresses from a TracWiki page and mails a list of Wiki changes to them.

The page is parsed for any TracWiki lists. Each list entry is expected to be an E-Mail address. eg.

= Notify these users of changes to the Wiki =

Here are the command line arguments for TracWikiNotifyScript:

trac-wiki-notify <trac-url> <trac-path> <wiki-notification-page> <time-delta> <from-address> [<smtp-server>]

I use the page WikiNotify for this purpose, though any page can be used.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for WikiNotifyScript are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


WikiNotifyScript for 0.8.


You can check out the source for WikiNotifyScript from Subversion at


Here is an example of using the script on

/usr/local/bin/trac-wiki-notify /srv/trac/trachacks WikiNotify 3600

Actually, I use something like the following to do notification for all my Trac instances at once:

cd /srv/trac; for d in */db; do d=`dirname $d`; /usr/local/bin/trac-wiki-notify$d/ /srv/trac/$d WikiNotify 3600; done


Author: athomas