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Welcome to Trac Hacks

The purpose of TracHacks is to provide free Subversion hosting for community created Trac hacks.

TracHacks uses the excellent TagsPlugin, which adds basic categorisation to Trac. All hacks are tagged with one or more of the available tags?.

How to Contribute

I've tried to make this as simple as possible:

  1. Register a user name then login (requires cookies).
  2. Fill out the NewHack form.
  3. Verify all the details for your new page are correct.
  4. Commit your code to the provided Subversion URL
    (alternatively you can simply attach your hack to your Wiki page, ala MacroBazaar, but remember that you can't delete or replace attachments)
  5. Have a look at TracHackDevelopment.

The TracHacks page contains more information, contact details, bug reports, enhancements, suggestions, etc.

I host my own hack elsewhere

Feel free to create a stub page here with a short description and links to your own hack. Please stick to the page naming convention, by appending the hack type (eg. GanttPlugin)

eg. The DoStuff macro would become the page DoStuffMacro.

Once you have created your page, tag it with the hack type and it will appear on the front page. Tag it with your TracHacks user id if you want it to show up on your user page.

How do I install these things?

Refer to the Trac plugin documentation and the MacroBazaar for details on how to build and install plugins and macros, respectively. For other types please refer to the page of the hack you are installing for instructions.


Can't find what you want here or in the MacroBazaar? Request-a-hack and somebody might help you out.

Bored? Got too much time on your hands? Take a look at the outstanding request-a-hacks and see if anything takes your fancy.

Vote for your favourite Request-a-Hack.




Using the GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin, I have added several shortcuts for commonly used links: download:hackname, google:search, trac:wikipage, trac-changeset:changeset and trac-ticket:ticket.

Registered users of TracHacks.

Hacks for Trac 0.8?, 0.9? and 0.10.

Example? hacks.

Adhering to the principle that one should eat one's own dog food, the following hacks are used on TracHacks:
AccountManagerPlugin, AddCommentMacro, WikiGoodiesPlugin, FootNoteMacro, PollMacro, RefMacro, TocMacro, TracHacksPlugin and XmlRpcPlugin.

Tag Cloud

The tag cloud is a visual representation of tag frequency, similar to a histogram.

I'm linking to the tag index to reduce system load.

Vote for a Request-a-Hack

Which hack would you most like to see implemented?
  • Support for recurring (scheduled) tickets (#942)
  • Arbitrary comments pages (#3672)
  • Integration with OTRS (#7509)
  • Enter multiple tickets at once (#1220)
  • Plugin for writing requirements and specifications of a software (#1226) (AdrianFritz, rjollos, trbs, jlaufersweiler, thenor)
  • OpenDocument Diff with odt2txt and oodiff (#2629)
  • Integrate Trac with SugarCRM bug module (#2659)
  • Structured comments suggestions (#11) (kinneko)
  • FIT tests in tickets (#81) (vinci)
  • Use rss feed for import of tickets from remote sites (#112)
  • Script to create one iCalendar file from many trac db's (#150)
  • WebDAV for document uploads and editing (#184)
  • dotProject integration (#240) (didoux)
  • Show username rather than userid with hyperlink to user's page (#243) (bgoedel)
  • Data/Form/Fields plugin providing macros to include form-like fields/data on a wiki page (stored in a db) (#377)
  • Cross Trac summary page (#494) (jared, guenter)
  • ICQ notification plugin (#506) (BeeVee, gdv)
  • Support for Diff of OpenDocument files (#541) (jayjones)
  • Write access to Subversion (#555) (marcellglx, joaoborges, joemath, gileba)
  • Inventory tracking system (#613)
  • Specify realname and email address in session table (#699)
  • A plugin to run a command line program for every displayed page (#712)
  • Enable PageToPdfPlugin for timeline and reports pages (#767)
  • Different header_logo for different components (#827)
  • FIXME/TODO - AutoCreate tickets using tags from svn repository (#834)
  • Listing changesets using the svn bugtraq properties (#858)
  • Wiki page states (#913)
  • Display email inline from IMAP mail server (#925)
  • RDoc plugin (#976)
  • Exec shell command Plugin (instead of SMTP Notification) (#1338)
  • Plugin to change commit message (#1374)
  • Real-time progress bar for attachments uploads (#1388)
  • Notification for a milestone change (#1519)
  • Automatic Source Browser Linking from Wiki (#1637) (yocopoco1)
  • 'Submit and Accept' button for Tickets (#1733)
  • Smarter defaults for component, version, and milestone (#1824)
  • CIA-like irc bot (#1952)
  • Allow specified users to view only tickets belonging to specified components (#2068)
  • Integrate Textarea javascript based syntax highlighting code editor into trac (#2345)
  • Adjustable rows setting for ticket comment box (#2362)
  • Integration with AND migration from Team Foundation Server (TFS) (#2496)
  • Integrate (#2528) (dna, ericking)
  • Dynamic variables in wiki pages (#2533)
  • Paypal Donation Plugin (#2712)
  • Display user name rather than user id (#2713)
  • Single sign-on for Trac and Google apps (#2723)
  • SubversionFind macro (#2861)
  • More Intelligent Search (#3186)
  • Email notification for inactive tickets (#3565)
  • Notification controlled by permissions (#4019)
  • Import Defect from Quality Center (#4071)
  • Add conditional rendering of wiki paragraph according to browser accepted languages (#4108)
  • Option to suppress CamelCase -> Wiki recognition in version control comments (#4196)
  • FreeIPA integration with TRAC (#4297)
  • Custom workflows that spawns ticket creation on status change (#4312)
  • Instant Messaging presence plugin (#4480)
  • Office In/Out board (#4496)
  • Display a list of all broken wiki links (orphaned pages) (#4509)
  • Collapsable milestones in the road map (#5230)
  • Chat feature inside of Trac (#5358)
  • Upload archive file as an attachment (multiple attachments via single upload) (#5404)
  • Wiki editor syntax highlighting - similar to wikipedia's wikEd (#5410)
  • Work on Oracle backend using cx_Oracle (#5487)
  • SubWiki link & SubMapTxt page (#5569)
  • Notification when wiki page has not changed by a due date (#5577)
  • Add due date to ticket and send a reminder when tickets are overdue (#5620)
  • ActiveDirectory authentication for Trac (#5647)
  • Composite milestones (parent/child relationship) (#5741)
  • Integration with Rietveld code review system (#5889)
  • WikiRatingPlugin (#5959)
  • Adding html preview of more file types using service (#6013)
  • Preview MS Office documents and PDFs in Trac Browser (#6467)
  • Allow wiki pages to be set read-only using a button on the wiki page (#6607)
  • Extension of Search to linked pages, documents or attachments (#6918)
  • Expand / Minimize an inline textbox (#7080)
  • Script to list recent new attachments with links (#7154)
  • Have a macro to display attached images preview like in a gallery (#7414)
  • limit components by permissions or groups (#7849)
  • flattr integration (#8397)
  • Improving bug triage using "user pain" method (#8883)
  • Automatic Population of Drop Down Lists (#9120)
  • Allow components to be disabled. (#9126)
  • Port SpreadSheetPlugin from TWiki to Trac (#9232)
  • Hack for show tickets age (#9775)
  • xfig fig show in trac (#10431)
  • last status change in custom query (#10604)
  • Shibboleth Authentication Support in Trac (#12296)
  • Plugin request - WikiTabbedContent (#12668)
  • Migration of Zentrack to Trac (#13146)
  • Move e-mail recipients to "to" instead of "bcc" (#13355)
  • Editable filtering select field (#13529)
  • List items at given location of certain revision in repository (ListSourceFiles) (#13580) (aschipfl)
  • Forum plugin or make DiscussionPlugin great again (#13696) (massimo)
  • PhpBB plugin (#13699)
  • Digest mode for notifications (#796)
  • Ticket entry system like (#11009)
  • Jabber Bot for notifications (#413)
  • Feature to update line numbers through revisions (#1255)

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