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Plugin substitution.

[RESOLVED] Usernames with special characters can't login

Due to a regression in Trac 1.0.7, attempts to login to the site with a username containing special characters such as . or - will result in an error. The issue is captured in trac:#12129 and should be resolved with a new Trac release this week.

  • Posted: 2015-07-21 23:36 (Updated: 2015-07-22 18:54)
  • Author: rjollos
  • Categories: news
  • Comments (1) is now HTTPS-only is now configured to serve all traffic over HTTPS. You likely won't notice any change, HTTP URLs will redirect to HTTPS.

Your Subversion working copies will need to be relocated if checked-out over HTTP. In that case an error like the following will be seen:

svn: E175011: Repository moved permanently to ''; please relocate

The working copy can be fixed using svn relocate:

$ svn relocate http:// https://

For Subversion < 1.8, you'll need to use svn switch --relocate instead.

trac-hacks organization on GitHub has the foremost aims of facilitating collaboration among the community of Trac plugin developers and easing the process of locating plugins for Trac. As GitHub has become more popular for hosting open source projects a greater number of plugins for Trac can be found on that site. Some of those plugins also have a page on, but many do not1.

In order to make it easier to locate Trac plugins on GitHub, a trac-hacks organization has been created. Several users have already moved their plugins to the organization and invites are being sent to authors of original plugins hosted on GitHub.

Users that move their repositories to the organization retain full administrative control over their repositories. Besides greater visibility to your project, the primary advantage to moving your project to the organization is that the trac-hacks administrators team can help your project find a new maintainer if you should choose to no longer continue developing the project.

All interested GitHub users may join the organization, regardless of whether you are currently developing a plugin. You can request to join the one of the organization teams from the Teams page, or send a request to th-users@….

If there's something can do better, please let the community know by commenting here, or in the discussion on the trac-dev mailing list.

  1. 1. If you've not yet created a page on for your plugin hosted on GitHub, you can do so now through the NewHack page. The external tag should be added to plugins hosted outside of trac-hacks. is moving

In the coming months will be moved to a new server, which should provide better availability and performance than the existing hosting. At the moment we continue to experience intermittent but brief downtime, and slow site performance, which we are aiming to resolve with this move.

Uptime Report for Last 30 days

Edgewall, which created and continues to host Trac, Genshi and Babel has generously offered to provide the hosting for From a user standpoint, nothing will change except for an improved experience in accessing the site. Hosting by Edgewall should ensure that remains available with free hosting for Trac plugins for a long time to come.

Following the site move, the admin team can start focusing on more improvements to the site, so stay tuned! Please don't hesitate to comment if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome to Trac Hacks

The purpose of TracHacks is to provide free Subversion hosting for community created Trac hacks.

TracHacks uses the excellent TagsPlugin, which adds basic categorisation to Trac. All hacks are tagged with one or more of the available tags?.

How to Contribute

I've tried to make this as simple as possible:

  1. Register a user name then login (requires cookies).
  2. Fill out the NewHack form.
  3. Verify all the details for your new page are correct.
  4. Commit your code to the provided Subversion URL
    (alternatively you can simply attach your hack to your Wiki page, ala MacroBazaar, but remember that you can't delete or replace attachments)
  5. Have a look at TracHackDevelopment.
  6. Consider subscribing to the trac-hacks mailing list.

The TracHacks page contains more information, contact details, bug reports, enhancements, suggestions, etc.

I host my own hack elsewhere

Feel free to create a stub page here with a short description and links to your own hack. Please stick to the page naming convention, by appending the hack type (eg. GanttPlugin)

eg. The DoStuff macro would become the page DoStuffMacro.

Once you have created your page, tag it with the hack type and it will appear on the front page. Tag it with your TracHacks user id if you want it to show up on your user page.

How to Adopt Unmaintained Hacks

See AdoptingHacks.

How do I install these things?

Refer to the Trac plugin documentation and the MacroBazaar for details on how to build and install plugins and macros, respectively. For other types please refer to the page of the hack you are installing for instructions.


Have a look at the RequestaHack page for features that people request.


The list of hacks will be back soon!

Feedback and Suggestions

Please consider subscribing to the th-users mailing list.

The list is meant for discussion about, i.e. the services that are provided here for the Trac community. Use it to suggest new features, discuss ways to improve the website, report issues that you come across, stuff like this. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Please note however that th-users is not meant for support requests for any of the plugins provided on by their authors. These should still be directed to the trac-users mailing list instead.


We have defined some shortcuts for commonly used links, such as download:hackname, google:search, trac:wikipage, trac-changeset:changeset and trac-ticket:ticket. See InterMapTxt for a complete list.

Registered users of TracHacks.

Hacks for Trac 0.8?, 0.9? and 0.10.

Example? hacks.

Adhering to the principle that one should eat one's own dog food, the following hacks are used on TracHacks:
AccountManagerPlugin, AcronymsPlugin, AutoWikifyPlugin, ChangeLogMacro, EmailProcessorMacro, FootNoteMacro, FullBlogPlugin, IncludeMacro, NewHackMacro, NewsFlashMacro, PollMacro, SpamFilterPlugin, SvnAuthzAdminPlugin, TagsPlugin, TocMacro, TracHacksPlugin, TracIniAdminPanelPlugin, TracRedirect, VotePlugin, and XmlRpcPlugin.