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Info about port to 0.11 + InstallInfo + UsageInfo


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    1111== Port to Trac 0.11.1 ==
    1212Hi there,
    13 I ported this macro to work with version 0.11.1
    14 Can somebody tell me how I can publish it? Everytime I try to attach the file I get the message "my content is regarded as spam" ;-)
     13I ported this macro to work with version 0.11.1 along the lines of WikiCalendarMacro.
     14Unfortunately I'm familiar with java, php or c but didn't do any python coding yet.
     15It's up and running on my production system for about a week and I didn't experience any problems yet ... but that doesn't count much.
     16If anyone could do a little quality assurance, I would be very thankful.
    1618Thanks in advance.
    1921Alex (alex [at] goldstift [dot] de)
     23=== Installation ===
     24Simply download the attached [] to your projects "wiki-macros"-folder and reload your webserver.
     25Afterwards you should be able to use the macro in your wiki
     27=== Usage ===
     28Excerpt of the source documentation:
     30# format:
     31#   WikiTicketCalendar([year,month,[showbuttons,[wiki_page_format]]])
     33#   displays a calendar, the days link to:
     34#     - milestones (day in bold) if there is one on that day
     35#     - a wiki page that has wiki_page_format (if exist)
     36#     - create that wiki page if it does not exist
     38# arguments:
     39#   year, month = display calendar for month in year ('*' for current year/month)
     40#   showbuttons = true/false, show prev/next buttons
     41#   wiki_page_format = strftime format for wiki pages to display as link
     42#                      (if there is not a milestone placed on that day)
     43#                      (if exist, otherwise link to create page)
     44#                      default is "%Y-%m-%d"
     46# examples:
     47#     WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07)
     48#     WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07,false)
     49#     WikiTicketCalendar(*,*,true,Meeting-%Y-%m-%d)
     50#     WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07,false,Meeting-%Y-%m-%d)
    2254== Author/Contributors ==