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Calendar view of Milestones and Tickets


Macro for the Trac Wiki Ticketing system to display Milestones and Tickets in a calendar view.

This Macro is hosted here

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Port to Trac 0.11.1

Hi there, I ported this macro to work with version 0.11.1 along the lines of WikiCalendarMacro. Unfortunately I'm familiar with java, php or c but didn't do any python coding yet. It's up and running on my production system for about a week and I didn't experience any problems yet ... but that doesn't count much. If anyone could do a little quality assurance, I would be very thankful.

Thanks in advance.

Greets, Alex (alex [at] goldstift [dot] de)


Simply download the attached to your projects "wiki-macros"-folder and reload your webserver.

For Trac 0.11, this macro should also be copied into the "plugins" folder. Then enable it in trac.ini or the "Manage Plugins" page under the "Admin" tab.

Afterwards you should be able to use the macro in your wiki


Excerpt of the source documentation:

# format:
#   WikiTicketCalendar([year,month,[showbuttons,[wiki_page_format]]])
#   displays a calendar, the days link to:
#     - milestones (day in bold) if there is one on that day
#     - a wiki page that has wiki_page_format (if exist)
#     - create that wiki page if it does not exist
# arguments: 
#   year, month = display calendar for month in year ('*' for current year/month)
#   showbuttons = true/false, show prev/next buttons
#   wiki_page_format = strftime format for wiki pages to display as link
#                      (if there is not a milestone placed on that day)
#                      (if exist, otherwise link to create page)
#                      default is "%Y-%m-%d"
# examples:
#     WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07)
#     WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07,false)
#     WikiTicketCalendar(*,*,true,Meeting-%Y-%m-%d)
#     WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07,false,Meeting-%Y-%m-%d)


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