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  1. Description

Patch for exporting an interface to alternative ticket workflows, and a plugin using it

All further development of the patch is now being undertaken in the Trac sandbox. You can check out the source with Subversion using
svn co


This is a patch against Trac trunk which implements an extension mechanism for allowing alternative ticket work flows. It is discussed at length on PEC under [trac-ticket:869 #869] and NewWorkFlow.

The patch adds two things to Trac's Python API:

  • The trac.ticket.api.ITicketWorkflow interface, which abstract the ticket action control logic into an extension point.
  • The trac.ticket.field module which is used to describe ticket fields that can be passed to Trac's form_control() Clearsilver function.

It also adds one function to Trac's Clearsilver macros:

  • form_control(control). This takes a trac.ticket.field.Field object and renders it as a form control.