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Add streamlined workflow-action buttons to the top of a ticket


This plugin adds a row of "action buttons" to the top of every ticket detail page. These buttons allow you to quickly act on a ticket (with a workflow action like "reassign", "resolve", "reopen", etc) without scrolling down to the Actions section. When a button is pressed, a modal dialog opens up with a small form prompting the user for any additional information (e.g. resolution when resolving the ticket, or new owner when reassigning) and an optional comment.

The plugin does nothing if Javascript is disabled.


Screenshot of the plugin's action buttons added to the top of a ticket

Screenshot of the plugin's modal form prompting the user for additional information after an action button is clicked

Screenshot of the plugin's modal form, after clicking the "Resolve" button

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for WorkflowActionButtonsPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from the Python Package Index here.


You can check out WorkflowActionButtonsPlugin from here using Git, or browse the source with Github.


Install the plugin and then enable its components by setting workflow_actionbuttons.* = enabled in your trac.ini [components] section.

You can customize the labels and icons displayed for each button. To do this, create a new trac.ini section [ticket-workflow-action-buttons]. For example:

accept.title = Accept
accept.icon = fa-thumbs-o-up
leave.title = Comment
leave.icon = fa-comments-o
leave.comment = required
assign.title = Reassign
assign.icon = fa-random
reopen.title = Reopen
reopen.icon = fa-minus-square-o
resolve.title = Close
resolve.icon = fa-check-square-o

The icons are implemented with Font Awesome; a copy of Font Awesome is included in the plugin distribution.

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