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Work on other plugins / tickets I'm interested in

FlexibleAssignToPlugin: #8911 - suppress option to hide ticket-owner, current-trac-user, or explicit users ProgressMeterMacro: #8917 - computed current ticket ID for progress meter in ticket description AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin: #6988 - avoid owner delete when owner changed only once FlexibleAssignToPlugin: #8924 - observe explicit .set_owner, do not show assign-to box then VirtualTicketPermissionsPlugin: #8926 - Negation and Whitelist enhancement

About me

I'm a senior Linux system administrator and coder, employed as Director of System Operations and Software Development at German web portal startup Yalwa - The Local Internet Company

We use trac as our internal documentation and ticketing system, not only for its traditional subversion support for our internal software development, but also as a workflow and project management system for the more business oriented processes.

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