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Installing Services

InstSrv tracd %CI%\Tools\Python\SrvAny.exe 

Auth and Manager


  • #581 enhancement: Patch proposal to handle group member attribute that is not a DN (closed: fixed)
  • #1147 enhancement: Add LDAP authentication backend (closed: wontfix)
  • #1431 enhancement: sample ldap schema for trac (new)
  • #1600 enhancement: [patch] Add a LdapAuthStore to AccountManagerPlugin (new)
  • #1602 enhancement: [patch] Pass old_password when changing password (closed: fixed)
  • #1622 enhancement: Support for users in multiple LDAP containers (reopened)
  • #1623 defect: LdapPlugin stack traces on empty groups (reopened)
  • #2134 enhancement: Choose users not in the list but with a simple form (new)
  • #2283 enhancement: Session Settings Population (new)
  • #5485 defect: LDAP Plugin not working with all SSHA variants (closed: duplicate)
  • #5693 enhancement: ldap-plugin should handle a list of user- and group-dn (new)
  • #5964 enhancement: [patch] Prevent multiple calls to LoginModule._remote_user() (closed: fixed)
  • #6183 defect: LdapPlugin - Error with trac 0.12 (closed: fixed)
  • #6268 defect: LdapPlugin fails with MS Active Directory, lacks email / full name (new)
  • #6509 defect: HTML form is invalid for ldap authentication (closed: invalid)
  • #6587 enhancement: Reformat cryptic LDAP user ids to user preference name in posts (closed: fixed)
  • #7339 enhancement: LdapPermissionGroupProvider.get_permission_groups() too slow (new)
  • #9104 defect: LdapPlugin performs > 2000 queries upon viewing a ticket (new)
  • #9138 enhancement: [Patch] PrivateTicketsPlugin > LDAP Slowness (closed: worksforme)
  • #9172 enhancement: [Patch] Change password (new)
  • #10609 enhancement: ldap-plugin should handle a list of user- and group-dn (new)
  • #11335 defect: Allowing different URI schemes than ldap:// (new)
  • #11361 defect: name_attr ldap field is not being caught properly (closed: fixed)
  • #11411 enhancement: Add LDAP E-mail Resolving (new)
  • #12068 defect: "INSERT OR REPLACE INTO session_attribute" fails with mysql server 5.5 ... (closed: duplicate)
  • AccountLdapPlugin Change password defined in LDAP
  • DirectoryAuthPlugin A LDAP / Active Directory password and permission store for the AccountManagerPlugin
  • LDAPAcctMngrPlugin LDAP Authentication for Account Manager
  • LdapAuthStorePlugin A password store for the AccountManagerPlugin using LDAP
  • LdapAuthnzPlugin AccountManager LDAP IPasswordStore implementation
  • LdapPlugin LDAP extensions to grant group permissions
  • LdapPluginTests Testing LDAP extensions
  • TracLdapAuthPlugin Password store for when running LDAP services
  • TracSysgroupsPlugin Assign permissions and validate trac users with UNIX / Linux system groups

Tags Plugin


  • #11319 enhancement: Ability to Modify Test Plans (closed: fixed)
  • #11450 enhancement: Test case name length limit cannot be changed (closed: fixed)
  • #11453 enhancement: Default test case description box name cannot be changed (closed: invalid)
  • #11454 defect: Test Plan hierarchy contains empty (unselected) catalogs (closed: fixed)
  • #11471 enhancement: Test should be linked with testcase with the version (closed: fixed)
  • #11599 defect: Test Case URLs broken after organizing them (new)
  • #11600 enhancement: Organize Test Catalogs only allows Test Cases to be moved (accepted)
  • #12274 defect: Wiki attachments should be moved when TestCase is moved into new test ... (new)
  • TracGenericWorkflowPlugin Manage workflows of generic Trac resources



Results (1 - 100 of 173)

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  • #522 enhancement: verify ticket properties' fields during new ticket creating (closed: invalid)
  • #784 defect: Hide ticket custom field in simpleticket view (closed: fixed)
  • #955 enhancement: Individual field edit (closed: wontfix)
  • #1214 enhancement: Clone a Trac Ticket (closed: worksforme)
  • #1588 enhancement: Modify/edit comments in tickets (closed: fixed)
  • #1650 enhancement: extend ticket.query() to return any field (reopened)
  • #1833 defect: "Disallow closing blocked tickets" functionality doesn't work (closed: duplicate)
  • #2068 defect: Allow specified users to view only tickets belonging to specified ... (new)
  • #2323 defect: TicketDeletePlugin produces Traceback (closed: worksforme)
  • #2961 defect: Adding ticket to milestone does not add time to burndown chart (closed: fixed)
  • #3499 defect: Line Breaks in Tickets Displayed as (closed: duplicate)
  • #4697 defect: Submit ticket (closed: worksforme)
  • #4978 enhancement: Profile picture in tickets (new)
  • #6041 enhancement: AJAX edit of ticket lists (closed: worksforme)
  • #6396 defect: Method ticket.getActions in 1.0.6 does not display actions like in ... (new)
  • #6415 defect: Ticket type value losed (closed: fixed)
  • #6452 defect: No notification sent to previous owner when a ticket is reassigned (closed: fixed)
  • #6501 defect: non ticket owner can still have ticket action (closed: wontfix)
  • #6956 enhancement: Allow filtering changesets in ticket changer (new)
  • #6969 defect: Add option to limit target project (new)
  • #7108 task: AttributeError, if non-existent ticket is put into list for release notes (new)
  • #7172 enhancement: add optional arguments for better ticket event display control (closed: fixed)
  • #7234 enhancement: Filter for Visible Tickets on Calendar (closed: duplicate)
  • #7312 defect: The option (delete this ticket from database) will cause a wrong redirect (closed: fixed)
  • #7349 defect: Plugin does not filter private comments in notification email (new)
  • #7410 enhancement: add optional key-word argument to compact tickets display (closed: fixed)
  • #7653 defect: Not all matching tickets showing up in calendar (closed: fixed)
  • #7724 enhancement: Display the tickets' summaries in search results (closed: duplicate)
  • #7725 enhancement: Display the tickets' summaries in search results (closed: duplicate)
  • #7730 enhancement: Add field layout rules (closed: wontfix)
  • #7812 enhancement: [PATCH] Handle references between imported tickets (closed: fixed)
  • #7984 defect: Traceback while synchronizing the ticket references from Mercurial ... (closed: duplicate)
  • #8577 defect: NameError: when trying to delete a ticket (closed: fixed)
  • #8592 enhancement: send email on certain status/action like promote (closed: wontfix)
  • #8604 defect: Customize component field, properties (closed: wontfix)
  • #8640 defect: restrict_owner=true (closed: invalid)
  • #8666 enhancement: Need a method to get the references (or called links) of a ticket (new)
  • #8817 defect: announcerplugin - ticket subscription not working (closed: wontfix)
  • #9037 defect: trac-post-commit-hook no longer updates ticket comments (closed: worksforme)
  • #9104 defect: LdapPlugin performs > 2000 queries upon viewing a ticket (new)
  • #9411 defect: Exception when formatting html notification when ticket comment is None (closed: wontfix)
  • #10660 defect: Bug recognizing case of ticket type on Russian (new)
  • #10987 enhancement: Ability to display tickets based on ticket's changetime (new)
  • #11009 enhancement: Ticket entry system like (new)
  • #11109 defect: Unexpected hints for leave action in RPC ticket.getActions (closed: fixed)
  • #11407 defect: Groups Not Persisting with Conditional Tickets (new)
  • #11451 enhancement: Default bug ticket name (related to test case) too long (closed: fixed)
  • #11841 defect: Not getting all ticket types (closed: worksforme)
  • #11847 defect: Agilo Plugin vs. XML-RPC (new)
  • #11930 task: Restrict changes on fields (new)
  • #13406 defect: namespace collision with TracTicketValidator (closed: fixed)
  • AgiloTicketReportPlugin Create Agilo Ticket Reports
  • AttachmentNumMacro Link to Local Attachments by Number
  • BlackMagicTicketTweaksPlugin Functions to alter Ticket form behaviour and Ticket Permissions
  • BreadCrumbsNavPlugin Recently visited pages as navigational bread crumbs
  • BugzillaIssueTrackingPlugin Issue Tracking with Bugzilla
  • CannedResponsesPlugin Respond with canned responses to new tickets
  • ChildTicketTreeMacro Display complete ticket hierarchy for ChildTicketsPlugin tickets
  • ChildTicketsPlugin Add pseudo child-tickets and a visual reference to these within a parent ticket
  • ComponentHierarchyPlugin Add a hierarchy to the component field
  • CondFieldsGenshiPlugin Conditionally display fields based on ticket type
  • ContextChromePlugin Add context-aware styles to Trac page widgets
  • CustomFieldAdminPlugin Administer Custom Fields in Trac
  • CustomTicketPrefixPlugin Define custom ticket prefixes to link commit messages with Trac instances or group tickets
  • DailyReminderScriptForTracScript Daily email to remind owners of open tickets
  • DefaultCcPlugin Default CC for new tickets
  • DepgraphSidebarPlugin Provides a dependency graph for blocked tickets on the sidebar, right to the ticket
  • DetailedViewPlugin Show all tickets from a query on a single page
  • DuplicateTicketSearchPlugin Duplicate Ticket Search
  • DynamicFieldsPlugin Dynamically hide, default, copy, clear, validate, set ticket fields
  • EasyPollMacro Add polls and voting functionality to wiki pages and tickets
  • EggdropTicketInfoIntegration Supply ticketinfo in IRC using eggdrop
  • EpochFieldPlugin Epoch (unix time) field, timezone sensitive
  • EstimatorPlugin Produce range-based estimations for tickets
  • ExcelDownloadPlugin Download query output, reports and tickets as an Excel file
  • ExportImportXlsPlugin Import / Export XLS spreadsheets
  • FieldOfTablePlugin Custom ticket fields of tables
  • FulmoIntegration Easy ticket creation with an annotated screenshot
  • GanttCalendarPlugin Ticket-based Gantt chart and calendar
  • GridFlowPlugin Invoke ticket actions from report and query tables
  • GridModifyPlugin Create grid of tickets to modify
  • GroupTicketFieldsPlugin Grouping ticket fields using different fieldsets
  • HideChangesPlugin Hide ticket changes based on configurable rules
  • HideFieldChangesPlugin Hide field changes in ticket history
  • HideValsPlugin Hide ticket field values
  • IcalViewPlugin iCalendar plugin for ticket queries
  • InfoSnippetPlugin Present a box with basic ticket and wiki-page information and copy it to clipboard
  • IrkerPlugin Announce Trac changes to IRC via Irker
  • MantisImportScript Mantis to Trac conversion script
  • MasterTicketsPlugin Add support for ticket dependencies to Trac
  • MentionedTicketsPlugin List all tickets mentioned in a ticket
  • MultiProductPlugin Add basic multiple product support
  • MultipleProjectQueryFilterPlugin Fix up URLs in query results that span multiple projects
  • MultipleWorkflowPlugin Workflow based on ticket type
  • NewTicketLikeThisPlugin New Ticket Like This
  • PageTicketsMacro Show tickets mentioned on wiki page
  • PendingTicketPlugin Support for Pending Tickets
  • PerforceJobScript Synchronize Perforce jobs from/to Trac tickets
  • PrivateCommentPlugin Add Private Comments
  • PrivateTicketsPlugin User specific ticket permissions
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General Wiki plugins

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  • #436 enhancement: List missing wiki pages (closed: invalid)
  • #460 enhancement: wiki macro for quoting range of lines of source file (closed: fixed)
  • #689 defect: Wiki module a bit strange on Trac Hacks (closed: fixed)
  • #1455 enhancement: Include SQL query in wiki pages (closed: fixed)
  • #1714 enhancement: Use wiki page to provide global CSS rules (closed: fixed)
  • #1927 defect: Some wiki pages (default ones) are broken (don't render correctly) (closed: wontfix)
  • #2017 enhancement: SubSearch plugin request (closed: wontfix)
  • #2356 defect: getRecentChanges returns error (closed: worksforme)
  • #2427 defect: TitleIndex shows list of all wikipages made by users (closed: fixed)
  • #2429 enhancement: [Patch] TagsPlugin should handle versioning of wiki tags (closed: fixed)
  • #2863 enhancement: WikiCreole plugin (closed: fixed)
  • #2997 enhancement: UML diagram drawer (closed: fixed)
  • #3163 defect: macro error (closed: wontfix)
  • #3743 defect: WantedPagesPlugin does not work on Trac 0.11 (closed: fixed)
  • #3831 defect: Error if submitted in a wiki page with version specified (closed: wontfix)
  • #3851 defect: TAGS_VIEW not showing page tags along for anonymous (closed: fixed)
  • #3947 enhancement: ListTagged: using first headline instead of pagename and first headline (closed: fixed)
  • #4459 defect: Add screenhosts to the wikipage to provide an idea of what the plugin does (closed: worksforme)
  • #5226 defect: Doesn't send reports about wiki-changes (closed: worksforme)
  • #5292 enhancement: Saving the selected pages order (new)
  • #5319 defect: Previous selected checkbox always updates on next submit (closed: fixed)
  • #5353 enhancement: Transform input text to static text on submit (new)
  • #5410 enhancement: Wiki editor syntax highlighting - similar to wikipedia's wikEd (new)
  • #5422 defect: RuntimeException on connecting to server (closed: wontfix)
  • #5799 defect: Installation instructions for old-style macro (closed: fixed)
  • #7256 defect: Wiki page color rendering (closed: wontfix)
  • #7258 enhancement: Link to anchor on wiki page (closed: wontfix)
  • #7345 enhancement: Wikipages restrictions by "custom" usergroups. (closed: worksforme)
  • #7685 defect: Access error while getting PDF from wiki page containing Trac ... (new)
  • #8345 enhancement: [PATCH] for Trac 1.0 compatibility (closed: fixed)
  • #8467 enhancement: Show tags not only on EDIT page (closed: duplicate)
  • #8638 defect: [PATCH] TagsPlugin should implement wiki_page_renamed method of ... (closed: fixed)
  • #8670 task: implement IWikiChangeListener.wiki_page_renamed (closed: duplicate)
  • #8749 enhancement: Add supplementary wiki macros (new)
  • #8922 defect: How to colorize titles? (closed: wontfix)
  • #9056 defect: TagsPlugin: Renamed tagged pages are not handled correctly (closed: duplicate)
  • #9149 defect: Adding tags causes the wiki page content to not save (closed: fixed)
  • #9718 defect: Resolve relative wiki paths in pattern for wiki pages too (closed: fixed)
  • #9797 enhancement: Add configurable prefix for linking tags to wiki pages (closed: fixed)
  • #10122 defect: Installation example (for Trac 0.12) doesnt work (use https:// instead ... (closed: invalid)
  • #10416 enhancement: Tag keyword shorthand syntax (closed: fixed)
  • #13580 enhancement: List items at given location of certain revision in repository (new)
  • AbbrMacro Add abbreviations and acronyms to wiki pages
  • AcronymDefinitions Acronym Definitions
  • AddressPlugin Use Google Maps to display address
  • AllAttachmentsMacro List attachments from Trac site
  • AsciiMathMacro ASCII-Math: Convert ASCII to MathML
  • AttachmentNumMacro Link to Local Attachments by Number
  • BreadCrumbsNavPlugin Recently visited pages as navigational bread crumbs
  • CityTracScript Conversion Script for Project Sycamore wikis
  • CkEditorPlugin Add CKEditor Wysiwyg features in Trac wiki
  • CollapsiblePlugin Embed foldable structures in wiki pages
  • ComponentsProcessorMacro List project components with descriptions
  • DashesSyntaxPlugin Wiki Syntax for EN and EM Dashes
  • DblClickEditPlugin Edit a page by double clicking it
  • DirClassMacro Display Right-To-Left content in wiki pages and tickets
  • EasyPollMacro Add polls and voting functionality to wiki pages and tickets
  • EditorGuidePlugin Adds an Editor's Guide link to the metanav bar
  • EntityMacro Display Character Entities
  • FlashEmbedMacro Embed Flash content in wiki pages
  • FlexibleWikiPlugin Flexible Wiki Plugin
  • GenshiMacro Render Genshi templates directly in wiki pages
  • GringottsPlugin Gringotts encryption for Trac
  • HotKeysPlugin Assign keyboard shortcuts
  • IncludeAttachmentMacro Display the text of an attachment
  • IncludePagesPlugin Include another page in current page
  • IncludeSourcePartialPlugin Partial includes of files in wiki pages
  • IniGetMacro Display option values for trac.ini
  • InlineMacro Display inline sanitized XHTML markup
  • InsertElementMacro Insert HTML Elements
  • JavadocWikiMacro Render links to the Javadoc pages
  • JobControlPlugin A job scheduler and monitoring plugin for Trac
  • KeywordReplacePlugin Replace keywords with their associated values
  • LastModifiedMacro Show last modification date of wiki page
  • LatexMacro LateX support in wiki pages
  • ListOfWikiPagesMacro List all Wiki Pages with Author and Last Changed Date
  • MacroChainMacro Chain multiple macros and processors
  • MarkdownMacro Markdown WikiProcessor Macro Implementation
  • MediaWikiPluginMacro MediaWiki language processor
  • MilestoneCompactMacro Display milestones in compact table or list
  • MilnCheckboxPlugin Miln Checkbox converts brackets into checkboxes
  • MoinToTracScript Convert MoinMoin (or twiki) Wiki to Trac
  • MscgenPlugin Render message sequence chart diagrams with mscgen
  • MyPagePlugin Personal page of the day for Trac
  • NeighborPagePlugin Add Next / Previous wiki links
  • NumberedHeadlinesPlugin Add numbering to headings
  • OdtExportPlugin Export wiki pages as OpenDocument (ODT)
  • OhlohBadgeMacro Show Ohloh project thin badge
  • OhlohWidgetsMacroPlugin OpenHub statistics widgets macro
  • OpenOfficeToTracWikiScript Convert OpenOffice documents to TracWiki format
  • Page2DocbookPlugin Page2DocBook - Export wiki pages as docbook documents
  • PageTicketsMacro Show tickets mentioned on wiki page
  • PageToDocIntegration Export Trac wiki pages to MS Word
  • PageVariableMacro Declare and use variables in wiki pages
  • ParameterizedIncludeMacro Include wiki pages in each other with parameter substitution
  • ParametrizedTemplatesPlugin Create wiki pages from templates
  • PdfImagePlugin Display PDF or SVG images as PNG in wiki pages and tickets
  • PlantUmlMacro Render PlantUML diagrams in wiki pages
  • PrivateWikiPlugin Restrict access to sections of the Wiki
  • RandomIncludePlugin Random Includes and Random Quotes (Fortune Cookies)
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Macros are simple enhancements to Trac's Wiki engine. Examples include SubWiki, TOC, FootNote, etc.

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Download Page


  • #7689 defect: Deprecation Warning (closed: fixed)

Code Review And Code Processing

CodeTagsPlugin A plugin for displaying code tags (XXX, FIXME, TODO, etc.)

  • #5 defect: Skip over headers appearing in wiki-escaped blocks (closed: fixed)
  • #173 task: Integrate login-related plugins (closed: fixed)
  • #1391 defect: Wrong code @ (closed: fixed)
  • #2844 enhancement: Textbox for entering code snippet along with a code review comment (closed: fixed)
  • #6649 enhancement: Code blocks are not rendered properly in HTML (closed: wontfix)
  • BitbucketSyncPlugin Synchronise a Bitbucket repository with a Trac repository
  • CodeCommentsPlugin Comment on deliverables and link to tickets
  • CodeReviewPlugin Code review of changesets
  • GitHubSyncPlugin Synchronise a GitHub repository with a local Trac repository
  • PeerReviewPlugin Distributed Peer Review of Source Code
  • TracCgitPlugin A CGit web frontend for Git embedded in Trac
  • TracCodeProcessorMacro Code Wiki Processor
  • WikiDocPlugin Use WikiDoc formatting in Trac wiki pages

Timeline And Planning

BranchTimelinePlugin Filter timeline by a specified branch

  • #1557 enhancement: show events in a timeline view (closed: wontfix)
  • #3660 enhancement: timeline should display only wiki / ticket changes only to items ... (closed: fixed)
  • #4613 enhancement: add info. by use sql or authors-specific to the timeline view (closed: invalid)
  • #5527 enhancement: Include RPC handler to retrieve timed events managed by Timeline module (assigned)
  • #5625 enhancement: Changes should be appear in timeline (closed: duplicate)
  • #5694 enhancement: Multiple Branch/Trunk Implementation (new)
  • #8748 enhancement: Add a timeline event provider (new)
  • #9828 enhancement: optionally enable opaque indicators of sensitive activity in the timeline (closed: fixed)
  • #11661 enhancement: Changes to Tags should be shown in timeline (closed: fixed)
  • #12517 defect: Cannot see TeamCity Builds in timeline (closed: wontfix)
  • BambooTracPlugin Integrate the Bamboo build service into Trac
  • BranchTimelinePlugin Filter timeline by a specified branch
  • ReportChangesRSSPlugin Report ticket changes in a RSS feed
  • TimelineComponentFilterPlugin Filter Timeline Tickets by Component
  • TimelineUserFilterPlugin Filter timeline by selected users
  • TracTimeDeltaUpdatorPlugin Automatic update for relative date-time displays on Trac

Blog and Forum and Discussing Board


  • #1192 defect: programming error when creating new forum (closed: fixed)
  • #1512 enhancement: RFE: Attach a file feature? (closed: fixed)
  • #2706 enhancement: RFE: Spamfilter support! (closed: fixed)
  • #2709 defect: forum display (closed: wontfix)
  • #9732 defect: Forum sort direction not working when set from config/trac.ini (closed: fixed)
  • #13696 enhancement: Forum plugin or make DiscussionPlugin great again (new)
  • DiscussionPlugin Add a discussion forum to Trac

  • #2463 defect: Shows non-visited tickets (closed: fixed)
  • #2694 defect: Custom Query link does not show (closed: worksforme)
  • #3199 defect: wiki links in media wiki syntax appear nonfunctional (new)
  • #3754 enhancement: [Patch] Tag redirects to existing wiki page instead of listing tagged pages (closed: fixed)
  • #3931 defect: Doesn't work because of double slashes in URLs (new)
  • #4043 defect: Linked images in PDF don't work properly (new)
  • #4897 defect: TracAccountManager htpasswd file handling clobbers symlinks (closed: fixed)
  • #5846 enhancement: Find broken links (closed: duplicate)
  • #5907 enhancement: [Patch] The helppage field should transform the Keywords field into ... (closed: fixed)
  • #6448 defect: Link to Attachment folder seems to be broken (closed: wontfix)
  • #6894 defect: Logout and login problem (closed: worksforme)
  • #7190 enhancement: better set of backward/forward navigation link labels wanted (closed: worksforme)
  • #7226 defect: [patch] march has error in navigation link (closed: fixed)
  • #7236 defect: another bug in 3-months-jump navigation (closed: fixed)
  • #7840 enhancement: Make Parent ID a link in ticket header (closed: wontfix)
  • #8663 defect: Disable register link on the login page (closed: fixed)
  • #8738 enhancement: Ticketlink in text mail is not recognized (closed: wontfix)
  • #9539 enhancement: Improve link tooltips (closed: duplicate)
  • #9630 defect: Non-functional bracketed tags: TracLinks (closed: fixed)
  • #10933 enhancement: HTML: link substitution/export as an archive (new)
  • #10961 defect: Selecting to diff any part of a ticket with changes causes a Trac ... (closed: duplicate)
  • #11107 defect: Trac Wiki to HTML Script Fails with Links (new)
  • #11286 defect: Html element id is the same in TOC and in the wiki page (new)
  • #11992 defect: Error creating link (new)
  • AddHeadersPlugin Add HTML Headers to Trac pages in a simple way
  • AttachmentNumMacro Link to Local Attachments by Number
  • BadLinksPlugin Log bad local links found in wiki content
  • ExternalLinksNewWindowPlugin Open external links in new windows (XHTML conforming)
  • ExtractUrlPlugin Extract URL from Trac wiki links in plugins and macros
  • InterTracCommitPatch Support InterTrac to trac-post-commit-hook
  • ShortcutIconPlugin Set any server file as shortcut icon, including handler for favicon
  • SvnMultiUrlsPlugin Show SVN URLs for multiple repositories links in browser
  • TicketLastCommentJumpPlugin Add link to last comment in the ticket
  • TracDependencyPlugin Add support for inter-Trac ticket dependencies and summary tickets
  • TracLinksPlugin Generate TracLinks for the page, put anchors on paragraphs


Themes are modifications to the visual layout and style of Trac. They can be anything from just CSS changes, to full templates with additional images and styles.

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