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Trac's most notorious ticket creator, small patches here and there and everywhere

  • active trac-hacks tickets created by me:
    • #6879
      Add external site authentication
      default of estimation_field should be 'remaininghours' instead of 'estimatedhours'
      display not only planned space of time as chart bar, but also really spent space of time
      Overcome dependency to google charts (internet and data max. size limitations)
      if fields.start and fields.finish not set in trac.ini, use datetime of 'accepted' and 'closed'
      if category is not set, use default category defined in trac.ini
      start date in chart different to set start date in ticket
      with IE9: chart doesn't resize to web page width
      schedule=asap: Partially completed tasks should have unworked hours starting today
      how can I use LDAP groups in authzpolicy.conf file of fine grained permission?
      TypeError: argument 3 must be string or read-only buffer, not None
      PdfImg macro runs with 100% cpu load
      calling PdfImg macro for PDF files of many pages takes very long
      support of pdf file ressource path for Apache location
      project-related timeline page filtering of wiki changes
      all images in crystal_project\16x16 are not displayed
      [PATCH] if the milestone due date is the only given date at all, ALAP scheduling must use it as end date of last successor ticket
      Localization / translation support (L10N)
      simple import failed
      in ASAP mode: end date of ticket 1 is after start date of ticket 2 although 2 depends on 1
      [PATCH] colorBy=status should use fixed colours
      Optimized resource leveling (if there are ticket dependencies)
      [PATCH]: Formulardetails list not time-sorted
      who and when of last changes in tooltip
      datetime of closed should set implicit enddate of ticket (if not explicitely given)
      [PATCH] support of fully anonymous polls
      history of changes
      add email notification when just the form has changed in the database
      PATCH: better resize the chart to be smaller than to overlap other page elements
      "invalid literal for int() with base 10" + "ERROR: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'isocalendar'"
      improve project selection widget
      doResourceLeveling chart-parameter breaks ticket termination at its milestone
      PATCH: ALAP scheduling uses remaininghours to compute finish of predecessor tickets
      introduced fields.remain in
  • solved trac-hacks tickets created by me