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  • name: Steffen Hoffmann
  • e-mail: hoff . st [at] web . de

I'm an engineer with strong ambitions in the field of Open Source Software especially running Debian GNU/Linux, which I apply for private as well as business use. Trac was a promising platform to provide end user support as well as to assist in making better technical documentation involving similar-minded coworkers.

My work on plugins for Trac is all dedicated to make trac-0.12 work smoothly and looking nicely (with focus on German localization). I started with fixing a bug or another just to please current and potential users of Trac environments I've setup in commercial environment. I'm new to Python, but enjoy to simply make things happen.

I like many of these great projects here on and I'm eager to learn more from all the clever people and their contributions. Besides I'm contributing to and - well I've got to take care for my real life with a family in the first place.


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