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I'm a engineer for information technology from Germany. At the moment I'm doing my PhD at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

While I was programming mostly in Perl in the recent years I picked up Python after I got in contact with Trac a short while ago.
I like the simple plug-in interface of Trac and already programmed a couple of plug-ins and macros.

You can contact me under martin@….
My personal web site is

My hacks

Other hacks I contributed to

Tickets I contributed to

  • #1374
  • #5682
  • #3931 - defect - Doesn't work because of double slashes in URLs
  • #3873 - enhancement - Filename as Headline
  • #3938 - enhancement - Enhance code to resolve TracLinks
  • #1714 - Request-a-Hack - Use wiki page to provide global CSS rules
  • trac:#8792 - enhancement - Proposal for add_meta function
  • trac:#7798 - defect - trac-admin hotcopy dies on unreadable files
  • trac:#7721 - enhancement - Allow cascaded definition lists
  • trac:#7724 - enhancement - Allow user provided mime-type for attachments
  • trac:#7728 - enhancement - Realm URL resolve function needed Trac Plugins
  • trac:#2983 - reopened enhancement - Proposal to add util.parseargs