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My Tickets at assembla CC:matobaa from:matobaa Request-a-Hack

released at trac-hacks (alphabetical order)


Assembla (newest first)

  • TicketVersionNaviPlugin: next / previous version link on ticket
  • InterTracForTicketPlugin: Digits on intertrac redirects to its ticket
  • ​MockForTest: Notifier but do NOT send e-mail but dump to debug log
  • CronPlugin: Run jobs periodically
  • ​FieldModifyProhibit: modifying fields requires permission
  • ​NumberListToTicketList: Search with numbers assumed as ticket number
  • ​UnusedReportPlugin: Report the report is used or not
  • AutoAttachPlugin: Attach files automatically
  • ​AttachmentValidate: provide trac-admin attachment validate command; report attachments is existed or not
  • CascadedRoadmap:
  • AnalyzeCustomField: provide trac-admin customfield analyze command; report cardinality or more of custom field
  • ​StampRally: joke. Status changes show as stamp rally ;-)

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