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     3= going read-only  =
     4As you might have heard lately, is going to [ move to a new server]. Things have been prepared as much as possible, and the actual move will start in about 24 hours.
     6To make the move as painless as possible for everyone, the Trac instance on the old server will be switched to a read-only mode. This is done to make sure that no changes are made while the move is in progress. During that time no wiki pages can be edited, no tickets can be created or modified, no changes can be committed to the Subversion repository, and so on.
     8This will happen on '''Wednesday, February 4 2009, 6:00am UTC+1''' - [ see here] to translate that to your local time.
     10If everything works as intended, the read-only mode won't last longer than maybe two to three hours. If [ Murphy] should strike it may take up to one day. As soon as the move is finished the DNS will be adjusted to point to the new server, where will be available in "read/write mode" again.
     12Thanks for your patience and understanding.
     14If you should have any questions about the move, please feel free to contact me (otaku42) via IRC, I'm available in [ #trac on Freenode].