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Thomas Tressières

At Crédit Adricole CIB in Paris (France), i use a Trac 0.11+ with Apache 2.0.52 and python 2.5 on Windows Xp SP 3.
We also use the Perforce server 2009.2 (many thanks to the reactivity of Perforce support).

At Home, i used the same Trac version with the tracd server and the Perforce server 2009.2.


I'm interested in:

  • Source Code Management (Perforce, Subversion)
  • Continuous Integration (XP, automatic build, ...)
  • Collaborative Groupware (Trac, wikis)
  • Distributed calculation (Grid, CORBA, DCOM...)
  • Computer Languages (C++, Perl, Python)



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