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    55== LISTrac ==
    6 A detailed description will follow.
     6The central idea of LISTrac can be described in a few points by the requirements we put on our project management system:
     7 * Use Trac and SVN, with a Trac environment and a repository for each project
     8 * One authorization for all projects, no anonymous access (although possible with current project status)
     9 * Centralization of user information (name, e-mail-adress)
     10 * Fine grained authorization for Trac and SVN with consistent groups, controlled by project administrators
     11 * Beside this no further functionality for the project administrators (i.e., plugin management etc. by the system administrators)
     12 * Global groups, that are kept in sync with the project group files
     13 * Repository hooks, that in special can be opted by users
     14 * Use as much as possible from existing plugins
     15 * No significant invasive changes to the Trac core and the plugins. When changes necessary try to bring them to the mainline development
     17Apparently those criteria conflict with the standard Trac setup, so that we current work on necessary steps, that are
     18 * Management scripts and plugin for global management (done)
     19 * Centralize management of groups and synchronization of them (done)
     20 * Evaluate how to keep session information and centralized user information in sync (current work in progress)
     21 * Extend hook system
    823== !HtGroupEditorPlugin ==