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Last Modified Macro


Shows the last modification date of the specified page, or the page the macro appears in if not specified. An optional argument, delta , can be given to show the time elapsed since the last modification. The output is placed in span with a title that gives the exact modification date and the author of the change.

Originally by: Steven N. Severinghaus <sns@…>

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for LastModifiedMacro are here.

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out LastModifiedMacro from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Basic usage:


For example, [[LastModified(CustomMacros)]] produces:

<span class="last-modified" title="Wed Oct  6 20:34:51 2004 by username">2004-10-06</span>

Alternatively, [[LastModified(CustomMacros,delta)]] produces:

<span class="last-modified" title="Wed Oct  6 20:34:51 2004 by username">7 weeks</span>

This is a CSS style to apply that will make it about 3.14% slicker:

span.last-modified { border-bottom: 1px dotted gray; cursor: help; }

Recent Changes

[13555] by rjollos on 2014-01-08 20:18:39
Removed examples that will throw an error when displayed on the plugin admin page. Refs #11218.
[13553] by rjollos on 2014-01-08 07:23:22
Allow delta to be specified as the first argument. Refs #11218.

  • Strip whitespace from arguments.
  • Raise a TracError if there are too many arguments.

Thanks to martin.wagner@… for the defect report.

[13353] by rjollos on 2013-08-13 21:27:30
Remove incorrect mimetype property.


Author: HorsePunchKid