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MyPagePlugin for Trac


This plugin for Trac 1.0 enables some convenient facilities for maintaining a "personal journal" in a sub-hierarchy of the TracWiki.

For now, the plugin is hosted on GitHub (, until trac-hacks supports Git (1.0 *cough* *cough*...)

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Simple plugin designed to help you maintain a "journal" of your daily activities with wiki pages. The main idea is to have a main navigation link named MyPage which takes you to your "page of the day", in edit mode.

If that page doesn't exist already, it will be filled with the content of a PageTemplates, but with a twist: some tokens will be automatically replaced, in particular for giving you the possibility to include or refer to the previous page of the day...

The intended use is to have a quick but effective way to track the ongoing activities of the day in the form of free wiki markup, and to easily keep a continuity with the activity that occurred the days before.

Works best with the TH:WikiExtrasPlugin and its WikiPhrases...

Detailed mode of operation

When clicking on a MyPage top-level navigation link, one will return to the edit preview mode of the "page of the day", which is a normal wiki page of the form /wiki/<userid>/<iso8601-date>. If that page doesn't yet exist, it will be created, eventually using an appropriate page template (PageTemplates/MyPage/<userid> or PageTemplates/MyPage - see PageTemplates).

(Technically, this is achieved by redirecting the /mypage URL to the actual page of the day with ?action=edit)

Moreover those templates can contain some special markup which will get replaced by dynamic content when inserted as the initial content of the page of the day. The macro [[MyPageHelp]] lists the available tokens: [[MyPageHelp]]

This replacement will only happen when creating the page of the day. If one wants to create such pages as normal wiki pages, retro- or pro-actively, the page will start empty or using the normal PageTemplates filling mechanism, i.e. no expansion of these tokens will take place.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for MyPagePlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out MyPagePlugin from here using Git, or browse the source with Trac GitHub :-(


One of my early "MyPage", showing the embedding of the content of the previous page (itself still embedding part of its previous page).

For example, this can be a simple informal "TODO" list, with a recap of the previous days to get started

The page PageTemplates/MyPage would typically contain something like this:


== New Today

== Continuing...


{{{#!div class=important
//(remove this section in your own [[wiki:/PageTemplates/MyPage/$MYPAGE_USER]] page)//


Use this as a starting point when creating your own template, i.e. PageTemplates/MyPage/<user>.


Author: cboos
Maintainer: cboos

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