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    657657'''Release 1.4.8 (2011-10-23):''' 
    658658  o Strongly enhanced the upgrade mechanism. Now it's more robust, should work with all the databases and between arbitrary Test Manager versions.[[BR]] 
    659 [[BR]] 
    660659    The only drawback is that upgrade is only supported from 1.4.7, not from previous versions.[[BR]] 
    661 [[BR]] 
    662660  o Enhancement #9077 (Track-Hacks): Ability to separate and report on test plans by product[[BR]] 
    663 [[BR]] 
    664661  o Enhancement #9208 (Track-Hacks): Test plan with only selected test cases from the catalog, take snapshot version of test cases.[[BR]] 
    665662                                     This is an important one. Many users were asking for a way of including only selected test cases into[[BR]] 
    666663                                     a Test Plan, for different reasons. Now you have it :D[[BR]] 
    667 [[BR]] 
    668664  o Added French language catalog! Thanks to someone who doesn't want to be cited :D[[BR]] 
    669 [[BR]] 
    670665  o Fixed Ticket #9141 (Track-Hacks): Update installation 1.4.6 -> 1.4.7 not possible[[BR]] 
    671666  o Fixed Ticket #9167 (Track-Hacks): installation of 1.4.7 with postgres database not possible[[BR]] 
    672667  o Fixed Ticket #9187 (Track-Hacks): Current test status report should consider only last result of a testcase in the plan. [[BR]] 
    673668                                      Thanks to Andreas for his contribution to fixing this one![[BR]] 
    674 [[BR]] 
    675669'''Release 1.4.7''' (2011-08-28): 
    676670  o Enhancement #8907 (Track-Hacks): Add template for "New TestCase" - Thanks a lot to Christian for the hard work on this enhancement!!![[BR]]