# This is the default navigation menu page # Any page that simply specify [[TOC]] will get this menu.

heading=Default Navigation Menu

#Navigation for headers on the current page [CPH]

#Newline and a header [N] [H]Wiki

#This will create a subtree for all pages that starts with Wiki Wiki

#Makes a new line [N] #Creates a link to all pages starting with TracNotification TracNotification

#Only Show this section on pages starting with Trac [S]Trac

#Overwrite the heading heading=Trac Section!

#A new line and a header saying Trac [N] [H]Trac #Generate subtree for all pages starting with Trac Trac


#Only show this on pages starting with TracNotification

[N] [H]Where am i? [* Start of WikiFormatting code

You are now on the TracNotification page!

*] End WikiFormatting Code [N]

#Imports another menu at this point incmenu=Menus/TracNotificationMenu

[!S] End TracNotification Section

[!S]End Trac Section

[N] [H]The time is [* WikiFormatting Begins Timestamp? *] WikiFormatting Ends

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