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Nov 20, 2010 12:59:52 PM (4 years ago)

Updated for 0.4 of plugin


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    1111results are obtained from the Hudson remote API. 
     13''Note'': as of version 0.4 this plugin requires Hudson 1.367 or later; if 
     14you are running an earlier version of Hudson then you'll need to grab r7912 
    1317[[Image(hudson_plugin_screenshot.png, border=1)]] 
    24 There are 8 options you can configure in your trac.ini under the section 
    25 `[hudson]` (if you have the IniAdminPlugin installed they will show up 
    26 on the Trac Admin page under `hudson`): 
     28There are 11 options you can configure in your trac.ini under the 
     29section `[hudson]` (if you have the IniAdminPlugin installed they will 
     30show up on the Trac Admin page under `hudson`): 
    2731 job_url:: 
    2832   The url of the top-level hudson page if you want to display all 
    5862   the canned "Build finished successfully" etc messages. Default is 
    5963   `true`. 
     64 display_building:: 
     65   If `true`, builds that have started but not yet completed will also 
     66   be displayed in the timeline. 
     67 list_changesets:: 
     68   If set to `true` then each build entry in the timeline will also 
     69   list all the changesets that triggered the build. 
     70 display_culprit:: 
     71   Display the culprit(s) for each build. This is a comma-separated 
     72   list of zero or more of the following tokens: `starter`, `author`, 
     73   `authors`, `culprit`, `culprits`. `starter` is the user that 
     74   started the build, if any; `author` is the author of the first 
     75   commit, if any; `authors` is the list of authors of all commits; 
     76   `culprit` is the first of what hudson thinks are the culprits that 
     77   caused the build; and `culprits` is the list of all culprits. If 
     78   this option is a list, the first non-empty value is used. Example: 
     79   `starter,authors` (this would show who started the build if it was 
     80   started manually, else list the authors of the commits that 
     81   triggered the build if any, else show no author for the build). 
    6184Example trac.ini (not necessary if using the defaults): 
    84107== Upgrade Notes == 
     109If you are upgrading from version 0.3 of this plugin (pre r9467) then 
     110make sure you're running Hudson 1.367 or later. 
    86112If you are upgrading from version 0.2 of this plugin (pre r6683) then 
    87113you will need to make the following changes: