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Jul 29, 2012, 6:03:01 AM (10 years ago)
Ryan J Ollos

Let's plan to replace all calls to TOC macro with [[PageOutline(2-5,Contents,pullout)]] unless:

  1. Someone steps up with reasonable objections.
  2. Someone steps up to maintain the macro.

Even better than (2), if someone wishes to step-up and maintain TocMacro, why not see if you can get those features pushed to the Trac core? In the future, we can certainly plan to upgrade t-h.o on the release cycle of Trac, so any features pushes to the Trac core will make their way to t-h.o before too long.


  • Ticket #10193 – Description

    v4 v5  
    1919|| ~~TicketChangePlugin~~ || Integrated into core with Trac 0.12 (permission `TICKET_EDIT_COMMENT`) ||
    2020|| ~~TicketDeletePlugin~~ || Integrated into core as option component with Trac 0.12 (`tracopt.ticket.deleter`) ||
    21 || TocMacro || Consider replacing macro calls with native `PageOutline` wiki macro from Trac core ||
     21|| ~~TocMacro~~ || Replace macro calls with native `PageOutline` wiki macro from Trac core. WikiSearchPlugin can help with quick replacement, but the plugin may need to be further developed first (better regex support and preview function). ||
    2222|| TracBlogPlugin || deprecated, use FullBlogPlugin ||
    2323|| TracHacksPlugin || ||