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Agilo for Scrum

New Version Released 0.7.4

With the last release of Agilo we increased a lot the compatibility with Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7 and IE8) and fixed some more issues which were becoming annoying. The complete release note can be found on the Agilo Blog. You can find a complete list of the improvement made on the Agilo Development Portal.

New Version Released 0.7.3

We recently release a new version of Agilo for Scrum 0.7.3 that works with Trac 0.11. Major changes include the removal of dependencies with matplotlib and numpy, now all the charts are generated using a fully client-side solution- based on javascript, no plugins - Agilo can be downloaded from this website.


Agilo for Scrum is a simple, web-based and straightforward tool to support the Scrum process. Agilo is based on Trac a very successful and widespread Ticket Tracking System, and developed using the Python programming language. Agilo is distributed as Open Source Software according to the Apache Software License 2.0 and can be:

  • either freely downloaded from this website or
  • tried out on our online test server.

Just register and you will receive further information.

Related Plugins

ScrumBurndownPlugin is a similar plugin providing burndown charts.

Bugs/Feature Requests

We have a Google User Group where you can ask support and questions :-)

Download, Source

Source code and egg versions are available at agile42 website.


Here there's a pretty comprehenssive HowTo and after registering you can access the Online Demo server too.

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