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    103103In the example above, each time a code review is submitted for a completed ticket, the {{{stage_deploy}}} Jenkins job gets triggered.  The job would then call [browser:codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/util/ Reviewer.get_next_changeset()] to determine what git changeset to deploy (if any).  (Note that this trigger for, say, a stage environment would be in addition to any trigger for running tests against the HEAD of your branch - or however you may currently have your CI system setup.)
     105==== Ticket-changeset map ====
     106In order for the [browser:codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/util/ Reviewer] to know all changesets that reference a given ticket, it needs a reliable ticket-changeset map.  The built-in {{{revision}}} table is unfortunately not sufficiently reliable for some version control systems (e.g., git) - this is a known issue.  So this plugin comes with its own changeset listener that manages a new {{{codereviewer_map}}} table.  For existing changesets, you can run a provided [browser:codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/util/] utility once to populate the table (but should nto need it after that).
    105108==== Completeness criteria ====
    106109You can also add "completeness" criteria to determine when a ticket is actually complete and ready for deployment.  For example, if your workflow encourages ongoing code reviews on tickets that may not be fully complete, you can specify one or more ticket fields to use as additional criteria to determine completeness in {{{trac.ini}}}: