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New hack EstimationToolsPlugin, created by hoessler

Tools for visualizing and quick editing of effort estimations


EstimationTools includes macros that visualize remaining effort estimations, e.g., as Burndown Chart, as well as an extension that allows inline editing of estimations in the query view.

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Creates burn down chart for given milestone.

This macro creates a chart that can be used to visualize the progress in a milestone (aka sprint or product backlog). For a given milestone and time frame, the remaining, estimated effort is calculated.

The macro has the following parameters:

  • milestone: mandatory parameter that specifies the milestone.
  • startdate: mandatory parameter that specifies the start date of the period (ISO8601 format)
  • enddate: end date of the period. If omitted, it defaults to either the milestones `completed' date, or duedate, or today (in that order) (ISO8601 format)
  • sprints: list of comma-separated name of sprints to be included in calculation. Must be surrounded by brackets.
  • width: width of resulting diagram (defaults to 800)
  • height: height of resulting diagram (defaults to 200)
  • color: color specified as 6-letter string of hexadecimal values in the format RRGGBB. Defaults to ff9900, a nice orange.


    [[BurndownChart(milestone = Sprint 1, startdate = 2008-01-01)]]
    [[BurndownChart(milestone = Release 3.0, startdate = 2008-01-01, enddate = 2008-01-15,
        width = 600, height = 100, color = 0000ff, sprints = (Sprint 1, Sprint 2))]]

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