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Tools for visualizing and quick editing of effort estimations


EstimationTools includes macros that visualize remaining effort estimations, e.g., as Burndown Chart, as well as an extension that allows inline editing of estimations in the query view.



Creates burn down chart for selected tickets.

This macro creates a chart that can be used to visualize the progress in a milestone (e.g., sprint or product backlog). For a given set of tickets and a time frame, the remaining estimated effort is calculated.



The macro has the following arguments and parameters:

Argument Plugin
Description Default Example
query a comma-separated list of query parameters for the ticket selection, in the form "key=value" as specified in TracQuery#QueryLanguage. milestone=2011-05,owner=adrian
startdate specifies the start date of the period (ISO-8601 format) mandatory startdate=2011-05-10
enddate end date of the period (ISO8601 format) In order (defaults on first given): milestones or completed date, or due date, or today enddate=2011-05-30
weekends include weekends in chart [true, false] true weekends=false
title chart title, accepts non ASCII charset (i.e. à, ü, ñ ...) first milestone or Burndown Chart title=Estimation Tools Plugin
expected show expected progress in chart [0 or any number to define initial expected hours] 0 expected=500
gridlines show gridlines in chart [0 or any number to define hour steps] 0 gridlines=100
width width of resulting diagram [px] 800 width=450
height height of resulting diagram [px] 200 height=150
color burn down graph color [RRGGBB] ff9900 (a nice orange) color=0099ff
colorexpected color for expected hours graph [RRGGBB] ffddaa (a nice yellow) colorexpected=ddffdd
bgcolor chart drawing area background color [RRGGBB] ffffff bgcolor=ccee10
wecolor chart drawing area background color for weekends [RRGGBB] cccccc wecolor=10bb20
Note 1
argument order it's not important.
Note 2
[RRGGBB] it's a 6-letter string of hexadecimal values
[[BurndownChart(milestone=Sprint 1, startdate=2011-01-01)]]
[[BurndownChart(milestone=Release 3.0|Sprint 1, startdate=2011-01-01, enddate=2011-01-15,
   weekends=false, expected=100, gridlines=20, width=600, height=100, color=0000ff)]]
Burndown Chart


Calculates remaining estimated hours for the queried tickets.

The macro accepts a comma-separated list of query parameters for the ticket selection, in the form "key=value" as specified in TracQuery#QueryLanguage.

Remaining effort to conclude this milestone: '''[[HoursRemaining(milestone=Sprint 1)]]''' hs.
Remaining effort to conclude this milestone: 64 hs.
Note 3
argument it's not mandatory, if not given defaults to (T.B.D.)???


Creates workload chart for the selected tickets.

This macro creates a pie chart that shows the remaining estimated workload per ticket owner, and the remaining work days.


Supports the following parameters:

  • a comma-separated list of query parameters for the ticket selection, in the form "key=value" as specified in TracQuery#QueryLanguage.
  • width: width of resulting diagram (defaults to 400)
  • height: height of resulting diagram (defaults to 100)
  • color: color specified as 6-letter string of hexadecimal values in the format RRGGBB. Defaults to ff9900, a nice orange.

[[WorkloadChart(milestone=Sprint 1)]]
[[WorkloadChart(milestone=Sprint 1, width=600, height=100, color=00ff00)]]
Workload Chart


This component allows to edit the remaining hours field directly in the custom query view as well as in the report view.

Screenshot of HoursInPlaceEditor

  • to show the remaining hours in the custom query view, you have to enable the corresponding column
  • if you want to show the remaining hours column in your SQL reports, you need to join the ticket table with the ticket_custom table, which contains the custom fields.
      ...                                    # normal SELECT statement
      id AS ticket,
      COALESCE(tc.value,'') as estimatedhours, # adds the value of estimatedhours in a column that must have same name original field
      FROM ticket t
      LEFT JOIN ...                          # other LEFT JOIN statements (in the default Trac queries) can be left in place
      LEFT JOIN ticket_custom tc ON tc.ticket = and = 'estimatedhours'
    • You could change '' to '0' to show 0 hours for tickets that don't have a corresponding estimated hours field.
    • Tickets may have an estimated hours field that is empty, in which case you may still see "blank"
    • See #4549 for a more complex example

viola: Using EstimationToolsPlugin, one can schedule tickets of a project with SchedulingToolsPlugin - try it!


  1. Install
    • Trac 0.11.x and Trac 0.12.x is supported in trunk.
    • The latest version for Trac 0.10 can be checked out here.
    1. Manually: Deploy the egg:
         $ python bdist_egg 
         $ cp dist/*.egg /path/to/trac/env/plugins 
    2. Globally:
         $ easy_install
  2. Add a custom field into 'trac.ini' file to store the estimations for the current remaining effort, as follows:
    estimatedhours = text
    estimatedhours.label = Remaining Hours
    estimatedhours.value = 0
  3. Enable the plugin by updating TracIni file (..../trac.ini) as follows:
     estimationtools.* = enabled
  4. Configure the plugin at its own configuration section, placed into 'trac.ini' file as follows:
    # if you want to use another field than estimatedhours you can change that
    estimation_field = estimatedhours 
    # Set to a comma separated list of workflow states 
    # that count as zero in BurnDownChart. Defaults to 'closed'
    closed_states = closed,another_state  
    # Suffix used for estimations. Defaults to 'h'
    estimation_suffix = points        
    # If you want charts to be served from the server set to true. Useful for SSL connections. Default 'false'
    serverside_charts = false
  5. Restart web server on command line:
       $ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart


The charts use Google's Chart API, hence no additional python modules are required.

The HoursInPlaceEditor requires the XmlRpcPlugin.

Plugin Installation

Still in doubt? Please see Trac's plug-in installation instructions for more details.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for EstimationToolsPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.

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You can check out EstimationToolsPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.

Download the zipped source from [download:estimationtoolsplugin here].

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