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FAQ Management Plugin for Trac


A Trac plugin to create FAQs and organize them in categories.
FAQs are actually Wiki pages, created automatically and using a naming convention that allows the plugin to display them in a tree view.
Categories and sub-categories allow for organizing the FAQs based on topics.

The plugin adds a "FAQs" tab in the upper-right Trac navigation menu. Clicking on it displays the main FAQs page shown in the following figure.
The FAQs home page aggregates all the FAQ wiki pages and displays them in a single page.
The page is divided in two halves:

  • The upper half shows only the category and FAQ titles. Clicking on any links to the corresponding pages.
  • The lower half shows the full category and FAQ page contents, as in a usual FAQ page.

Screenshot overview
FAQ Plugin overview

Creating a new FAQ category

To create a new FAQ category, enter the name for the category in the text field and click "Add a Category".

Creating a new FAQ category
Creating a FAQ Category - step 1

A new wiki page will be created and opened for editing.

The first line represents the category title. You can freely edit it, but do not remove it.

This is a normal Wiki page, so you can can use WikiFormatting here, as well as attach documents and images.

When you have finished editing the FAQ category description, save the wiki page.

Showing a FAQ category
Creating a FAQ Category - step 2

Creating a new FAQ

To create a new FAQ inside a particular category, first click on the category to open it, then enter the title for the FAQ in the appropriate text field and click "Add a FAQ".

Creating a new FAQ
Creating a FAQ - step 1

Like for FAQ categories, this action will also create a new wiki page and open it for editing.

This is a also normal Wiki page, so you can can use WikiFormatting here, as well as attach documents and images.

Creating a new FAQ 2
Creating a FAQ - step 2

Editing a FAQ

To modify a FAQ, you can usually edit the corresponding wiki page once opened.
Alternatively, you can do it directly from the tree view, clicking on the pencil icon that appears as soon as you go with the mouse on a FAQ.

Editing a FAQ
Editing a FAQ from the tree view


The FAQ management capabilities are protected by a set of new Trac permissions:

  • FAQ_CREATE : Allows for creating and editing FAQs
  • FAQ_VIEW : Allows for viewing FAQs

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for FaqPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download Egg files and the zipped source from the project on SourceForge.


You can check out FaqPlugin from the repository on SourceForge using Git.

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