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Flexible Wiki Plugin


This project is not maintained anymore. Feel free to make a fork.

It is not in working state at the moment! The reason is the way of handling Request object has changed since some revision. The plugin relied on data saved in request, but currently it is not saved!

The point is to fetch tree data once for each request, see

There're also some bugs with loading translations: I used custom loader in, as it was the only suitable way of localizing plugin known to me at that moment.


Plugin allows one to make flexible structure of wiki pages. Parent pages can be set up for any wiki page, so we get flexible structure instead of 'plain' wiki structure.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for FlexibleWikiPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:flexiblewikiplugin here].


You can check out FlexibleWikiPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


For example, if you want to structure pages on your wiki and use 'native' Trac approach, you should name you pages in a specific manner:

  • DevGuide
    • DevGuide/Resources
    • DevGuide/Plugins
  • etc.

So, page name is 'coupled' with structure - if you want to change structure, you should change page name or even name of many pages.

This plugin allows to structure pages independent on their names. So, the structure could be:

  • DevGuide
    • AddingResources
    • AddingPlugins
  • etc.

In this example pages AddingResources and AddingPlugins has parent DevGuide. So, if you want restructure pages, you should change 'parent' for page or some pages, and their address remain unchanged.

When this plugin is installed a horozontal navigation bar is displayed on the top of each wiki page. So, when you look at the page AddingPlugins, the navigation bar will be: WikiStart / DevGuide / AddingPlugins . WikiStart is always at start of navigation bar.

For displaying navigation in 'tree' manner, special macro is provided, see details below.

After installing plugin you will need to upgrade your environment.

Note changes:

  • you will get an extra item New page in mainnav, which opens page creation dialog
  • in edit page dialog you will see new fields: title, parent, weight, hide

Extra page properties description:

  • title: string, just page title, automatically displayed on top of page and in navigation
  • parent: name of parent wiki page or empty if none
  • weight: number, defines page ordering in menu
  • hide: flag, if set, page won't appear in menu generated by [[TracFlexWikiTree]]

Additional macros

Plugin provides extra wiki macros.


Shows wiki pages tree menu. Menu is generated as simple unordered list. Macro receives one optional parameter class, wich defines CSS class of menu.



For now, plugin does not generate initial structure data. So, for existring pages structure data is not provided. That means, they are not displayed in TracFlexWikiTree until you edit and save them.


Here's plugin in work - page editing: flexiblewikiplugin-scr1.jpg.

Note extra navigation item New page and extra fields Parent page, Hide from menu, Page weight.

Navigation line above page title is inserted by this plugin automatically.

Menu in left sidebar is provided by macro [[TracFlexWikiTree]]. It's added globally in site templates, this plugin doesn't do this automatically.

Further development

Some features are not implemented yet, like site map etc.

Plugin is a bit tricky. It adds extra key 'node' to request.args, that is instance of class TracFlexWikiNode, which provides something like API for this plugin.

Feedback is welcome!

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