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     3= Package Repository
     5== Description
     7This plugin turns Trac into a private package repository.
     9The plugin provides:
     10* Support for multiple programming language package repositories:
     11  * [#python Python Packages]
     12  * [#javascript Javascript Packages]
     14* New Trac admin panel for managing packages:
     15  * Upload package files to Trac
     16  * Delete package files
     18* New permissions:
     19  * `PACKAGE_REPOSITORY_VIEW`: Required to use the package repository
     20  * `PACKAGE_REPOSITORY_ADMIN`: Required to use the admin panel
     22=== Python Packages #python
     23The plugin implements the [ Simple Repository API] so Trac acts as a private package repository similar to PyPI.
     25Upload wheel (`.whl`) package files created by `python bdist_wheel`.
     26Install them with: `pip install --index-url https://<tracurl>/packages/py/ <packagename>`
     28=== Javascript Packages #javascript
     29The plugin implements a [  CommonJS Compliant package registry] so Trac acts as a private package repository similar to npm.
     31Upload tarball (`.tgz`) package files create by `npm pack`.
     32Install them with `npm install <packagename> --registry https://<tracurl>/packages/js/`
     35== !Bugs/Feature Requests
     37Existing bugs and feature requests for PackageRepositoryPlugin are
     38[report:9?COMPONENT=PackageRepositoryPlugin here].
     40If you have any issues, create a
     41[/newticket?component=PackageRepositoryPlugin new ticket].
     45== Download
     47Download the zipped source from [export:packagerepositoryplugin here].
     49== Source
     51You can check out PackageRepositoryPlugin from [/svn/packagerepositoryplugin here] using Subversion, or [source:packagerepositoryplugin browse the source] with Trac.
     53== Installation
     55General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the [TracPlugins#InstallingaTracplugin TracPlugins] page.
     57== Recent Changes
     59[[ChangeLog(packagerepositoryplugin, 3)]]
     61== !Author/Contributors
     63**Author:** [wiki:psuter] [[BR]]
     64**Maintainer:** [[Maintainer]] [[BR]]