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Added instructions for creating a new code review mainly taken from included with the plugin.


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    3737=== New Code Review
    39 To be written.
     39A new code review is created by the following steps:
     411. Choose a name
     421. Select files and section to be reviewed
     431. Add reviewers
     441. Provide additional notes and instructions
     46==== Choose a name
     47This will be the name that will appear on the main page after the code review is created. A name cannot be longer than fifty characters in length.
     51==== Add files
     52The user is presented with the Subversion repository tied to TRAC.
     54Navigation through this repository is identical to navigation through the TRAC repository.  Clicking on folders navigates through the folder.  Clicking on files will open that file if an HTML preview is available.  To navigate back up, click on the corresponding folder above the repository (for example, where it says "root").
     56[[Image(newCodeReview_step2_1.PNG, 75%)]]
     58Once a file has been opened, the repository browser will look similar to this:
     60[[Image(newCodeReview_step2_2.PNG, 75%)]]
     62In order to select a file to be added into the peer review, click the corresponding lines of code on the left that you would like to add.  For example, here the user clicked on 82 and clicked on 87 to select lines 82-87. Alternately, the user could type those numbers into the corresponding text boxes below the repository browser.
     64Once the correct lines of code have been selected, click "Add File" to add the code to the code review. The location will appear in the table below the repository browser, along with the line numbers and revision number.
     66==== Add reviewers
     67Select reviewers from the dropdown list and click "Add user" to add them to the table of reviewers.  This is the list of people that will vote on whether or not the code for the current code review is acceptable.  Reviewers may be removed by clicking their names in the reviewers table.
     69Only users with permission ''CODE_REVIEW_DEV'' will be shown in the dropdown list.
     73==== Provede notes and instructions
     75General comments can be added to the code review. These comments can be seen by anyone viewing the code review.
     79After adding general comments, the user is ready to add the code review. Click "Add Code Review" at the bottom of the page to do this.  The user will be taken to the View Code Review page for this code review.
    4181=== Peer Review Search