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    8484=== Dependencies ===
     86Project management generally involves four types of dependencies between tasks or activities:
     88  Finish-to-Start (FS):: Task B cannot begin until task A is complete.  This is the most common.  When building a house, the walls cannot be put up until the foundation is complete.
     90  Start-to-Start (SS):: Task B cannot begin until after task A begins (though they may end independently).  When building a house, interior painting cannot begin until the dry wall is started.  (Each room can be painted as soon as its dry wall is up.)
     92  Finish-to-Finish (FF):: Task B cannot end until task A ends (though they may begin independently).  When building a house, inspections cannot be completed until construction has completed (though parts may be inspected before the whole job is done).
     94  Start-to-Finish (SF):: Task B cannot end until Task A begins.  When building a house, the builder may begin getting interim payments during construction but payment will not be completed until the owner can start moving in.
     96In addition, managing the complexity of a large project requires breaking large tasks into smaller ones (or viewing groups of small tasks as larger aggregates).  For example, interior painting might be broken down into paint the living room, paint the dining room, etc.
    8699There are four general types of dependencies for tasks: