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    33= Sums specified field in Roadmap and Milestone stats =
     5'''UPDATE (2 Jan 2012)''': This plugin now also provides a [ Google Visualization API] data source at {{{/sumstats/query}}} that can populate a burndown chart such as provided by the Trac [wiki:VisualizationPlugin#Burndownchartonmilestonepages Visualization plugin] on milestone pages.
    57== Description ==
    1113This plugin was inspired by the CustomRoadmapPlugin but overcomes its limitation of requiring a patch.  Additionally, this plugin allows for any field to be used to define a group, not just the default {{{status}}} field.  Lastly, I designed the plugin to be backwards compatible with the default ticket count behavior so that you can leverage as much or little of its enhancements as desired.
     15The plugin also provides a [ Google Visualization API] data source at {{{/sumstats/query}}} that can populate a burndown chart.  See [below] for an example.
    1317== Configuration ==
    99103In general, the plugin maintains the same syntax and semantics as the {{{DefaultTicketGroupStatsProvider}}} to support backwards compatibility and ease of transition.  If the {{{.field}}} option is omitted, then the {{{status}}} field is presumed.  Note that a {{{.color}}} option is required for each group (except for any default {{{closed}}} or {{{new}}} group you have).  The "catch all" {{{*}}} value is also still supported (although there are currently no checks for duplicate "catch all" or otherwise redundant group definitions).
     107== Google Visualization API Data Source - for Burndown Chart ==
     108This plugin also provides a [ Google Visualization API] data source using the [ python gviz client library] (which must be installed separately) that can populate a daily [ burndown chart].  The [wiki:VisualizationPlugin#Burndownchartonmilestonepages Visualization plugin] can be used to display the burndown chart on milestone pages:
     112No additional configuration is required to enable the burndown data source.  It is accessed at:
     114 http://<your-trac-domain>/sumstats/query
     116The above request returns a data table (in json response format) of up to four columns:
     118 * {{{day}}} - the day
     119 * {{{total}}} - the total sum or count for the day (both losed as {{{fixed}}} and not closed)
     120 * {{{todo}}} - the remaining (i.e., not closed) sum or count for the day
     121 * {{{done}}} - the completed (i.e., closed as {{{fixed}}}) sum or count for the day
     123The default response includes the {{{day}}}, {{{todo}}}, and {{{done}}} fields in that order.  To change which fields are returned and/or their order (e.g., to display the data in alternatively configured charts), you can add a (partial) query (i.e., the {{{tq}}} portion below):
     125 http://<your-trac-domain>/sumstats/query?tq=select total,done
     127Only the select phrase is used at this time to specify which columns to return and their order.  The {{{day}}} field is always the first column and should be omitted from the select phrase.  You may need to urlencode the {{{tq}}} value.
     129Let me know if you need additional flexibility in the query and I'll consider adding it.
    101131== Recent Changes ==