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Restrict access rights for tickets based on user's group. This plugin was modified from the SensitiveTicketsPlugin.

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can browse TicketAccessPlugin from here


After downloading and installing, you will need to enable it in the trac admin page. You will have to do a database upgrade of your trac.

Changes are also needed in the trac.ini file

Under the trac subsection, please add the permission policy 'TicketAccessPolicy' to the beginning of the permission_policies item

permission_policies = TicketAccessPolicy, DefaultPermissionPolicy, LegacyAttachmentPolicy

Thereafter when you create a ticket, there will be new textfield to key in the users you want to restrict from accessing the ticket.


For example I have some users which I have assigned to 3 groups

grpA grpB grpC
user1 user1 user4
user2 user3 user5

A user can belong to more than a group. In the ticket view, I have created an additional field to enter a comma delimited list of groups I should restrict access to the ticket.

For example when I am creating a new ticket, I decide that grpA and grpC should be restricted from viewing the ticket. I just enter a comma delimited list of groups I should restrict. This is shown in the image below

And then the ticket will be hidden from users in these 2 groups.

In our example, only users from grpB (user1 and user3) are allowed to see the ticket. However user1 has already been restricted due to him belonging to grpA, so in effect, only user3 has access to the ticket

Note that if a user has TRAC_ADMIN permissions then he will be allowed full access regardless of the restrictions imposed by the plugin


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