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Document #10648.

Wiki Extras for Trac


The WikiExtrasPlugin extends the Trac Wiki in several ways:

  • Layout information on wiki pages using boxes, for which the following processors are defined:
    • box -- The core box processor.
    • rbox -- Display a right aligned box to show side notes and warnings etc. This will probably be the most used box.
    • newsbox -- Display news in a right aligned box. This box corresponds to the well-known NewsFlashMacro.
    • imagebox -- Display a single image with caption in a centered box.
  • Decorate wiki pages with a huge set of modern icons via wiki markup (|name|), or the equivalent Icon macro, and as smileys (smiley characters are configurable).
  • Decorate wiki text with the Color macro.
  • Automatic highlighting of attention phrases like FIXME and TODO (configurable).
  • HTML 4.0 entities, ie named entities and numerical entities.
  • Automatic replacement of common text idioms by their corresponding symbols, eg arrows, fractions, etc. This is configurable.
  • Replace \\... UNC paths with file:/// links.

Each feature can be disabled individually if needed.

There are 3 macros that can be used to show detailed instructions to wiki authors on how to use some of these features, suitable to be placed on one wiki page each:

  • WikiBoxes:
  • WikiIcons:
  • WikiPhrases:

Please also see the built in plugin documentation presented in the plugin admin panel of your Trac environment.

This plugin is made for Trac 1.0. It could work with Trac 0.12, but the visual impression may not be as intended.

See also: EntityMacro, NewsFlashMacro, NoteBoxPlugin.

Icon Library License Terms

The icon library contained in this plugin is composed of the Fugue icon library with additional icons, and can be used for any commercial or personal projects, but you may not lease, license or sublicense the icons. The icon library is provided for convenience, though download and installation time is taking a hit since it contains more than 3000 unique icons in two flavors; shadowed and shadowless, yielding a grand total of almost 7000 icon files. The library is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Some icons are copyright Yusuke Kamiyamane, where all rights are reserved.

Additional icons are released under the same license terms as Trac. Some icons are copyright Edgewall Software, where all rights are reserved.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for WikiExtrasPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download and Source

trunk (1.0dev) -- To use this plugin according to built in instructions, Trac 1.0 or newer is required.

  • Download the zipped source.
  • Browse the source with Trac.
  • Check out using Subversion:
    svn co


General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page.

Activate the plugin by adding the following line to your trac.ini file:

tracwikiextras.* = enabled


The built in documentation explains the configuration of this plugin thoroughly. The following examples are provided as an overview of the customization capabilities of the plugin.

Configure boxes (showing default configuration):

rbox_width = 300
shadowless_boxes = false
wide_toc = false

Configure icons (showing default configuration):

icon_limit = 32
showicons_limit = 96
shadowless_icons = false

Configure smileys (example):

_remove_defaults = true
smiley = :-) :)
smiley-wink = ;-) ;)

Configure attention phrases (showing default configuration):

fixme_phrases = BUG, FIXME
todo_phrases = REVIEW, TODO

Configure symbols (example):

_remove_defaults = true
&laquo; = <<
&raquo; = >>
&hearts; = <3

Configure custom phrases (see #10648). The section keys define the classes (e.g. nice, attention and new), and the values define the phrases. The styles for the classes should be defined in the site CSS:

nice = NICE, COOL
attention = ATTENTION
new = NEW

Former WikiGoodiesPlugin users might find the following compatibility definitions useful:

exclamation--frame = /!\
exclamation-diamond-frame = <!>
thumb = {DN} {!OK}
thumb-up = {UP} {OK}
star = {*}
star-empty = {o}
light-bulb = (!)
priority1 = {p1} {P1}
priority2 = {p2} {P2}
priority3 = {p3} {P3}

Note: The priority smileys as defined above, {p1} etc, may not work since they conflict with InterTrac ticket report references (#1799), which are handled by the Trac core.

Color macro syntax


[[Color(text, fg/bg/size)]]


  • text is the text to decorate. Enter a leading and/or trailing space character to surround the text with a decorated space.
  • fg/bg/size defines the foreground and background colors, and a font size. All parameters are optional and separated by slash character (/).

Colors may be specified as an RGB triplet in hexadecimal format (a hex triplet; e.g. #000 or #000000 for black); they may also be specified according to their common English names, for example 'red', 'green', 'blue'. See here for details.


[[Color(Large red on yellow, red/yellow/150%)]]
[[Color(Red on yellow, red/yellow)]]
[[Color(Yellow background, /yellow)]]
[[Color(Large red, #f00/2em)]]
[[Color(Large on yellow, /yellow/20px)]]
[[Color(Text, can, have, commas, /yellow)]]
[[Color( Surrounding space is also decorated , white/red)]]

To set the foreground color for a larger block, the processor variant can be used (background color and font size may not display as expected due to the mechanisms of cascading style sheets, be advised and use the color parameter only):

{{{#!Color color=green

Recent Changes

18604 by jun66j5 on 2023-12-16 00:28:54
TracWikiExtras 1.3.2dev: fix sending non-bytes instance from boxes component (closes #14257)
18475 by rjollos on 2022-04-09 03:51:16
TracWikiExtras 1.3.2dev: Make compatible with Python 3

Refs #14133.

17609 by rjollos on 2019-12-03 12:38:29
TracWikiExtras 1.3.1: Tag version 1.3.1

Refs #13655.



Author: mrelbe and cboos
Maintainer: Mikael Relbe
Contributors: This plugin is based on the WikiGoodiesPlugin by cboos. Also, kudos to cboos (again) for the icon wiki markup idea: (|name|)