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     3Eoin Dunne (first name pronounced Owen)
    35I was a Java developer for a number of years then I became interested in the world of software testing.  In general software testing is integrated very poorly into the software development lifecycle.  In fact it is often not integrated at all. 
     7Agile software development's philosophy of test early and test often requires creating flexible and maintainable test cases that grow with the functionality of the product.  Particularily when it comes to writing down manual test cases.  I think manual test cases are incredibly effective and important, but write them in a way that is flexible and engages the brain's of your test team.
     9Don't write tests like this "do something->then next->end test case".  What happens when the GUI changes?  The higher level workflow or task/problem probably remained the same.
     11To try and create all the test cases up front is wasted effort and incredibly expensive.  Demand the most out of the smart people that you've hired and treat them as professionals that contribute equally to the product development teams efforts.
     13Keys to success:
     15- integrate the test team into the development team
     17- have the testers use development tools directly (like subversion)
     19- ditch old school thinking that requires QA to justify it's existence with piles of documentation
     21- if you're a technology company embrace technology (like TRAC) that solves real problems
    527You can contact me directly at with any specific questions about software testing or this plugin.