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    1 = wallento =
     1= Contributions to Trac plugins =
     3The overall goal of my work is a multi-Trac and multi-SVN environment for the university I work at, the so called LISTrac. Below you find the description of this environment and the patches committed so far to existing plugins to enable this environment.
     5== LISTrac ==
     6A detailed description will follow.
     8== !HtGroupEditorPlugin ==
     9The HtGroupEditorPlugin is a trac plugin to administrate the htgroups file. Some enhancements are necessary, so that the following contributions were made:
     11 * A patch to an existing bug, that an empty group file did create an error. Patch committed at ticket #6249
     12 * A further minor bug is the wrong assumed key in the configuration for the AuthzPolicy plugin. Ticket created and patch committed at ticket #6658
     13 * The first enhancement is the refinement of empty user lists. There was an empty string user always added to the list. From my point of view this is not necessary. Instead I created a patch to show a message when all users are in the group. Ticket created and patch comitted at ticket #6659
     14 * The plugin is capable of modifying the page permissions for fine grained authorization. I added the support for TracSvnAuthzPlugin. Ticket created and patch comitted at ticket #6660
     15 * The plugin does not support creation and deletion of groups. This may be forbidden in the GUI, but is necessary in my case. Thus I created a patch that introduces a configuration key:
     18allowgroupedit = enabled
     20   With this enabled, a delete button and new group-fieldset appear in the plugin. Ticket created and patch comitted at ticket #6668
     22When you want to use all fixes and enhancement, there is one major patch file of them, that can be applied to the SVN head: LISTrac-htgroupeditor.patch