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#11664 new defect

MySQL to PostgreSQL migration fails with codereviewer table

Reported by: Quince Owned by: robguttman
Priority: high Component: CodeReviewerPlugin
Severity: major Keywords:
Cc: rjollos Trac Release: 1.0


fatt:/tmp/m # ./ --in-place /srv/trac postgres://tracuser:xxxxxxxxx@

Copying tables:
  attachment table... 37 records.
  auth_cookie table... 4 records.
  cache table... 8 records.
  codereviewer table... Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 55, in <module>
    sys.exit(main(sys.argv[1:]) or 0)
  File "./", line 51, in main
    return TracMigrationCommand(env)._do_migrate(dest, dburi)
  File "/tmp/m/tracmigrate/", line 29, in _do_migrate
    return self._do_migrate_inplace(dburi)
  File "/tmp/m/tracmigrate/", line 63, in _do_migrate_inplace
    self._copy_tables(src_db, dst_db, src_dburi, dburi, inplace=True)
  File "/tmp/m/tracmigrate/", line 108, in _copy_tables
  File "/tmp/m/tracmigrate/", line 197, in wrapper
  File "/tmp/m/tracmigrate/", line 143, in copy
    cursor.executemany(query, rows)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/trac/db/", line 85, in executemany
    return self.cursor.executemany(sql_escape_percent(sql), args)
psycopg2.DataError: integer out of range

No problem if I don't have CodeReviewerPlugin enabled, but if I have it disabled and enable it after the switch, it's no longer present in the interface and I can't set reviews even on new tickets.

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comment:1 Changed 7 months ago by rjollos

It might be related to #10806. The time column should probably be int64 rather than integer.

We can also cleanup the code and use to_utimestamp( rather than: codereviewerplugin/0.12/coderev/, and fix other places where trac.util.datefmt should be used.

comment:2 Changed 7 months ago by Quince

Actually, I'm the "Bubba" of #10806; I had forgotten my old username.
What would be a workaround I could use at this time? I actually don't care if previous reviews are lost; I just need to be able to create new ones, and I don't know why the plugin GUI elements don't show up if I disable it and then reenable it post-migration (trac-admin upgrade seems to not recreate the plugin table, saying nothing's changed, even if I move the plugin egg out of the plugins directory before migration and then back in).

comment:3 Changed 7 months ago by rjollos

There a row in the system table with name = coderev. You'll need to delete that entry so that trac-admin knows that the database needs to be upgraded.

comment:4 Changed 7 months ago by jun66j5

#11663 was closed as a duplicate.

Root cause is that the plugin uses integer type for codereviewer.time and codereviewer_map.time.

The range of integer type in PostgreSQL is -2147483648 to +2147483647, see

comment:5 Changed 7 months ago by Quince

So would switching these to bigint and replacing the time format as per comment:1 be sufficient?

comment:6 Changed 7 months ago by rjollos

Technically you'll want to use int64 for the Trac database API, but yes, if you don't care about migrating your old data, that should work. In fixing this for the plugin we'll need to take care to migrate data.

comment:7 Changed 7 months ago by anonymous

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comment:8 Changed 7 months ago by rjollos

Use the Trac database API. For example: browser:/tags/trac-1.0.1/trac/,96#L75.

comment:9 Changed 7 months ago by Quince

If I change to the to_utimestamp( mentioned above, what do I change the pretty printing to?,201,202,203#L200
Do I just need to change 203 to pretty_when += ' (%s ago)' % pretty_timedelta(from_utimestamp(when)) and the previous three lines are OK as is?

[Edit:] Or, actually, shouldn't need to change even 203? I can't tell because I'm not sure which ones are supposed to be in localtime and which in UTC.
Also the other location, not clear if needs to be changed.

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comment:10 Changed 7 months ago by Quince

This seems to work, giving correct dates, as well as the migration. If someone wants to double-check it, perhaps you could merge it in the plugin:

  • coderev/

    11import re 
    22import time 
     4from datetime import datetime 
    45from trac.mimeview import Context 
    56from trac.resource import ResourceNotFound 
    6 from trac.util.datefmt import pretty_timedelta 
     7from trac.util.datefmt import pretty_timedelta, utc, from_utimestamp, to_utimestamp 
    78from import format_to_html 
    89from trac.ticket.model import Ticket 
    8182    def save(self, status, reviewer, summary, **kw): 
    8283        status = self.encode(status) 
    83         when = int(time.time() * self.EPOCH_MULTIPLIER) 
     84        when = to_utimestamp( 
    8486        if status == self.status and self._when != 0: # initial is special 
    8587            status = '' # only save status when changed 
    8688        if not status and not summary: 
    200202            pretty_when = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M', 
    201203                                        time.localtime(long(when) / 
    202204                                                       self.EPOCH_MULTIPLIER)) 
    203             pretty_when += ' (%s ago)' % pretty_timedelta(when) 
     205            pretty_when += ' (%s ago)' % pretty_timedelta(from_utimestamp(when)) 
    204206            summaries.append({ 
    205207                'repo': self.repo, 
    206208                'changeset': self.changeset, 
  • coderev/upgrades/

    99            Column('status', type='text'), 
    1010            Column('reviewer', type='text'), 
    1111            Column('summary', type='text'), 
    12             Column('time', type='integer'), 
     12            Column('time', type='int64'), 
    1313            Index(columns=['repo', 'changeset', 'time']), 
    1414        ], 
    1515    ] 
  • coderev/upgrades/

    77            Column('repo', type='text'), 
    88            Column('changeset', type='text'), 
    99            Column('ticket', type='text'), 
    10             Column('time', type='integer'), 
     10            Column('time', type='int64'), 
    1111        ], 
    1212    ] 
  • coderev/util/

    88import re 
    99import sys 
    1010import sqlite3 
     11from datetime import datetime 
     12from trac.util.datefmt import utc, to_utimestamp 
    1113from subprocess import Popen, STDOUT, PIPE 
    1315EPOCH_MULTIPLIER = 1000000.0 
    3234    for changeset_line in changeset_lines: 
    3335        print '.', 
    3436        rev,when,msg = changeset_line.split('|',2) 
    35         when = long(when) * EPOCH_MULTIPLIER 
     37        when = to_utimestamp( 
    3638        ticket_re = re.compile('#([0-9]+)') 
    3739        for ticket in ticket_re.findall(msg): 
    3840            try: 
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comment:11 Changed 7 months ago by rjollos

comment:10 looks like a good start. We need to created a new rather than modifying and so that existing installations are upgraded from db version 2 to db version 3.

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