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Created / maintained plugins

  • AttachmentPolicyPlugin Adds permission TICKET_ATTACHMENT_DELETE, so deleting attachments can be done without giving permission TICKET_ADMIN
  • BudgetingPlugin Adds budgeting informations to Tickets
  • LogWatcherPlugin Log viewer for log files
  • MailPlugin XMailPlugin allows to send periodically user-specific mails of new or changed tickets
  • NavigationDisplayPlugin Adds user option for displaying navigation menu as fixed menu or other navigation options
  • ProjectPlugin Deprecated: Adds project information to each ticket
  • RoadmapPlugin Sorts roadmap in descending order and adds an filter input field
  • SettingsPlugin Settings Plugin for easy handling of a bunch of configuration data
  • TicketNavPlugin Some miscellaneous functions to ticket view (CKEditor, navigation table, descriptions, sorting versions, etc.)
  • TranslationManagerPlugin Managing translation of your source code


Contributions to plugins


Trac-Tickets I had left a comment or am interested in can be view on t.e.o.

Interesting Trac-Hacks / Tickets on t-h.o

#10193 Upgrade Track-Hacks to Trac 1.0