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#6836 new defect

Internal Error during decoding

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: chai_research
Priority: normal Component: NarcissusPlugin
Severity: major Keywords:
Cc: Trac Release: 0.11


Narcissus does not work due to an internal error.

Trac detected an internal error:

UnicodeEncodeError: ('ascii', u"= Wilkommen zur Beere-Projektseite des Team 9/18 im Sopra 2009/2010 =\r\n\r\n== RSS Feeds zur Projektseite ==\r\n * [.../sopra/timeline?ticket=on&changeset=on&milestone=on&wiki=on&max=50&daysback=90&format=rss \xc4nderungen an der Projektseite] ''es sollte reichen diesen Feed zu abonnieren''\r\n * [.../sopra/log/?format=rss&limit=100&mode=stop_on_copy \xc4nderungen am Repository]\r\n * [.../sopra/report/1?format=rss Aktive Tickets]\r\n\r\n== Tools ==\r\n * [wiki:svn Subversion(svn) Hilfe]\r\n\r\n== Programmierung ==\r\n * [wiki:JavaConventions Programmierkonventionen]\r\n * [wiki:JavaDoc JavaDoc]\r\n\r\n== Output zu Teammeetings ==\r\n * [wiki:Output28_01_10 Meeting 28.01.10]\r\n * [wiki:Output05_02_10 Meeting 05.02.10]\r\n * [wiki:Output08_02_10 Meeting 08.02.10]\r\n * [wiki:Output09_02_10 Meeting 09.02.10]\r\n\r\n== Tagebuch ==\r\n * []\r\n\r\n== Hilfe zu Trac und zum Wiki ==\r\n * siehe [wiki:TitleIndex]", 232, 233, 'ordinal not in range(128)')

"..." indicates that I removed some personel data from the error message.


Most recent call last:

    * File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trac/web/", line 444, in _dispatch_request
      Code fragment:
       439. try:
       440. if not env and env_error:
       441. raise HTTPInternalError(env_error)
       442. try:
       443. dispatcher = RequestDispatcher(env)
       444. dispatcher.dispatch(req)
       445. except RequestDone:
       446. pass
       447. resp = req._response or []
       449. except HTTPException, e:
      Local variables:
      Name	Value
      after 	[u' except RequestDone:', u' pass', u' resp = ...
      before 	[u' try:', u' if not env and env_error:', u' raise ...
      dispatcher 	<trac.web.main.RequestDispatcher object at 0xa6e35cc>
      e 	UnicodeEncodeError('ascii', u"= Wilkommen zur Beere-Projektseite des Team ...
      env 	<trac.env.Environment object at 0xa19ae8c>
      env_error 	None
      exc_info 	(<type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>, UnicodeEncodeError('ascii', u"= ...
      filename 	'/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trac/web/'
      frames 	[{'function': '_dispatch_request', 'lines_before': [u' try:', u' ...
      has_admin 	True
      line 	u' dispatcher.dispatch(req)'
      lineno 	443
      message 	u'UnicodeEncodeError: (\'ascii\', u"= Wilkommen zur Beere-Projektseite des ...
      req 	<Request "GET u'/narcissus'">
      resp 	[]
      tb 	<traceback object at 0xa95b284>
      tb_hide 	None
      traceback 	u'Traceback (most recent call last):\n File ...
    * File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trac/web/", line 205, in dispatch
      Code fragment:
       200. req.args.get('__FORM_TOKEN') != req.form_token:
       201. raise HTTPBadRequest('Missing or invalid form token. '
       202. 'Do you have cookies enabled?')
       204. # Process the request and render the template
       205. resp = chosen_handler.process_request(req)
       206. if resp:
       207. if len(resp) == 2: # Clearsilver
       208. chrome.populate_hdf(req)
       209. template, content_type = \
       210. self._post_process_request(req, *resp)
      Local variables:
      Name	Value
      chosen_handler 	<narcissus.narcissus.NarcissusPlugin object at 0xa8129ac>
      chrome 	< object at 0xa6e3c6c>
      err 	(<type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>, UnicodeEncodeError('ascii', u"= ...
      handler 	<narcissus.narcissus.NarcissusPlugin object at 0xa8129ac>
      req 	<Request "GET u'/narcissus'">
      self 	<trac.web.main.RequestDispatcher object at 0xa6e35cc>
    * File "/home/trac/sopra/plugins/TracNarcissus-0.1-py2.6.egg/narcissus/", line 123, in process_request
      Local variables:
      Name	Value
      daysback 	14
      fromdate 	1269215999.0
      img 	None
      params 	{'href_user_guide': '/sopra/narcissus/user_guide', 'date_end': ...
      req 	<Request "GET u'/narcissus'">
      self 	<narcissus.narcissus.NarcissusPlugin object at 0xa8129ac>
      t 	time.struct_time(tm_year=2010, tm_mon=3, tm_mday=21, tm_hour=9, tm_min=35, ...
    * File "/home/trac/sopra/plugins/TracNarcissus-0.1-py2.6.egg/narcissus/", line 179, in _update_data
      Local variables:
      Name	Value
      _ 	1265709293
      cursor 	<trac.db.util.IterableCursor object at 0xa80422c>
      db 	<trac.db.pool.PooledConnection object at 0xa95b234>
      edit_page 	< object at 0xa80852c>
      i 	14
      last_update, 2, 9)
      members 	[u'matou']
      old_page 	< object at 0xa7545ec>
      page 	u'WikiStart'
      req 	<Request "GET u'/narcissus'">
      self 	<narcissus.narcissus.NarcissusPlugin object at 0xa8129ac>
      start_rev 	2
      start_version 	8
      versions 	37
    * File "/home/trac/sopra/plugins/TracNarcissus-0.1-py2.6.egg/narcissus/", line 825, in _my_diff
      Local variables:
      Name	Value
      new_content 	u"= Wilkommen zur Beere-Projektseite des Team 9/18 im Sopra 2009/2010 ...
      old_content 	u"= Wilkommen zur Beere-Projektseite des Team 9/18 im Sopra 2009/2010 ...
      self 	<narcissus.narcissus.NarcissusPlugin object at 0xa8129ac>
    * File "/usr/lib/python2.6/encodings/", line 16, in decode
      Code fragment:
        11. ### Codec APIs
        13. encode = codecs.utf_8_encode
        15. def decode(input, errors='strict'):
        16. return codecs.utf_8_decode(input, errors, True)
        18. class IncrementalEncoder(codecs.IncrementalEncoder):
        19. def encode(self, input, final=False):
        20. return codecs.utf_8_encode(input, self.errors)[0]
      Local variables:
      Name	Value
      errors 	'strict'
      input 	u"= Wilkommen zur Beere-Projektseite des Team 9/18 im Sopra 2009/2010 ...

Reproduce: While doing a GET operation on /narcissus, Trac issued an internal error.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by Ryan J Ollos

Please try installing from and let me know how it goes.

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