Hi. I like trac (really!).

I'm watching the following plugins and macros (in no particular order):

  • TracMetrixPlugin - This is a natural extension of a repo viewer.
  • ManualTestingPlugin - This too is a natural extension of a system that manages milestones.
  • NikoCaleMacro - neat idea! would be great to distribute this so everyone can update their own state. Maybe NikoNikoPlugin is the answer?
  • PlannedMilestonesMacro - I like this. I'm trying to surface the roadmap in new ways to our users.
  • BatchModifyPlugin - We've had enough about-faces to make this worth installing.
  • ExcelReportPlugin - To send reports to partners who can't hit our internal systems.
  • MasterTicketsPlugin - Could be a handy way to document dependencies in our plans. We haven't moved up to 11 yet, so we'll meet that dependency before installing this. Thinking about using BackRef in the meantime.

Other stuff I'm eager to try:

  • IdeaTracPlugin -- we're an IDEA house.
  • Better control of email notifications
  • Of course, all the workflow stuff in 11.

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