Tools for Trac City Wikis


CityTrac is the informal name of a project to make Trac more useful to place-based wikis with a large number of users. CityTrac arose from the desire of a small group of users of Sycamore to migrate to wiki software with a larger development community. CityTrac has two goals:

  1. Create scripts to migrate wikis stored in Sycamore to trac.
  1. Create plugins to replicate Sycamore features missing from trac, and to add new features in trac which are tailored for use in city wikis.

At this point, CityTrac makes the following assumptions, which needn't be cast in stone:

  1. The target database is MySQL.
  1. The trac instance will use the acct_mgr plugin with the db backend. In other words, user information is stored in the session_attribute table.

The code posted for CityTrac is all tagged as alpha. Here's the current set of plugins:

Here are the current scripts:

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