Milestone Summary: ClientsPlugin Event Summary


The Milestone Summary will summarise the tickets assigned to future milestones (those with a date set in the future). It will extract "client" blocks from ticket descriptions and will take the estimated hours from the TimingAndEstimationPlugin and combine it into an XML object.

Most actions will require manipulation to turn this XML into something useful. This will typically take the form of an XSLT transform.

Example XML

    <name>Big Corp. Ltd</name>
    <lastupdate>13 Oct 2008</lastupdate>
      <due> 6 Mar 2008</due>
      <estimatedhours>No estimate available</estimatedhours>
      <summary>Testing 123</summary>
This ticket is a tricky one and as such may be subject to a a few delays.
I hope you appreciate the nature of this.
      <due> 6 Mar 2008</due>
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