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A plugin for displaying code tags (XXX, FIXME, TODO, etc.)

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.

Blog posting here, Demo here, SVN repository. Since I cannot find any documentation directly I just wanted to tell you people that you need a subdirectory named cache thats writeable by your trac to make this working. Oh and dont wonder that it takes so much time the first time used ;)

To enable in the trac.ini:

codetags.* = enabled

By default, this plugin doesn't ignore binary files. If you use svn/trac in a web-dev environment, this is a pain, since the tagger finds tags in files such as .gif.

User submitted patch seems to work:

Additional configuration information in trac.ini:

scan_files = *.html, *.py, *.c, *.h, *.hh, *.m, *.pch, *.hpp
scan_folders = trunk/*, branches/*

scan_files allows you to define specific file types to scan (default: *) scan_folders specifies which directories within the repository to scan (default: *) tags allows you to specify what tags to locate, though only the defaults are colored at all. (default: XXX, TODO, FIXME)

Given the configuration options, I feel that the above referenced patch is unneeded if you have configured properly. On the other hand, there are legitimate uses for long strings of XXX's without them being a code tag. A simple one line change in would eliminate 99% of XXX tags that were unintentional by requiring them to end with a colon:


    2828        p = []
    2929        for word in self.tags:
    30             p.append(re.escape(word))
     30            p.append(re.escape(word + ':'))
    3131        self.tag_re = re.compile(r'(%s)\:?\s*(.*?)\s*$' % '|'.join(p))
    3333        cdir = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(env.path), 'cache', 'codetags')