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rsvg support has issues in 0.7.4

Graphviz Plugin


The GraphvizPlugin allows for the inline creation of diagrams for abstract graphs and networks using the Graphviz programs.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for GraphvizPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket. Be sure to mention which version of Trac and which version of the plugin you're using. If the version number ends with '', then please also specify the changeset number corresponding to the version you're using.


The programs from


See source:graphvizplugin/0.10/README.txt for details on installing the plugin on Trac 0.10.

See source:graphvizplugin/0.11/README.txt for details on installing the plugin on Trac 0.11.

After installing, don't forget to enable the plugin in your trac.ini, the usual way:

graphviz.* = enabled


Download the zipped source from here. Note that this contains everything regarding the Graphviz plugin including tagged releases and branches. The 0.10 directory contains the latest released version of the code for Trac 0.10 and the 0.11 directory contains the latest code for Trac 0.11.

  • [download:graphvizplugin/0.11-0.7.4 download] latest stable version (0.7.4) for Trac 0.11
  • [download:graphvizplugin/0.10 download] latest version for Trac 0.10

That version has some trouble with rsvg support for creating anti-aliased images. The upcoming version contains a few related fixes:

  • [download:graphvizplugin/0.11 download] latest unstable version (0.7.5dev) for Trac 0.11

If you want to have anti-aliased images, it might be a better option anyway to get/build a recent version of graphviz tools, which support producing anti-aliased images directly (through pangocairo support).


You can check out the source for GraphvizPlugin from Subversion at


digraph G {Hello->World->Graphviz->Rules}

would produce an image like:

Sample outout from the graphviz plugin, produced with graphviz-2.20.3 with pangocairo support

Note that you can insert TracLinks like this:

  digraph G {
    rankdir = "LR"
    GraphvizPlugin [ URL=GraphvizPlugin ]
    Trac [ 
    GraphvizPlugin -> Trac

This produces an image like this, but with the nodes are clickable, unlike here:

second example, this time with colour and TracLinks, also produced with graphviz-2.20.3 on Linux

Recent Changes

15369 by cboos on 2016-02-28 14:30:32
GraphvizPlugin: restart trunk based on 1.0 branch ( Refs #11155.
15368 by cboos on 2016-02-28 14:29:10
GraphvizPlugin 1.0: do a bit of clean-up for the headers and meta data.
15367 by cboos on 2016-02-28 14:15:41
GraphvizPlugin 1.0: fix an UnicodeDecodeError when reading back the map info


Author: pkropf
Contributors: cboos


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