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This is another version of the IncludeMacro. It takes one mandatory item and two optional positional items. The mandatory item is the page name. The optional items are the class of the generated heading and the class of the div surrounding the included page. If the first positional item is missing, no heading will be generated. If the second is missing, no div will be generated.

Example 1

The contents of page "Foo" will be included in the page when the plugin is expanded:


Example 2

The contents of page "Foo" will be included in the page. The title of the page will be included in a header div with the class "headclass" as follows:

[[IncludePages(Foo, headclass)]]

The generated html is then as follows:

   <div class="headclass">Foo</div>
     { contents of Foo }

Example 3

Contents of page "Foo" are included in the page with a header div with class "headclass", in a div with class "blockclass" as follows:

[[IncludePages(Foo, headclass, blockclass)]]

The generated html is then as follows:

<div class="blockclass">
   <div class="headclass">Foo</div>
     { contents of Foo }

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for IncludePagesPlugin are here.

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